Crawfish make early appearance at Ascension Parish restaurants

Some residents indulge on crawfish early this year

ASCENSION PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Crawfish are making an early appearance in the Baton Rouge metro area and they’re big and ready for sale.

It’s never too early for crawfish in Louisiana, and this year, consumers are in for a real treat. In Ascension Parish, people are lining up to get a taste.

A flashing sign on the side of Highway 431 in St. Amant has gotten a lot of people's attention. Aside from drawing its normal lunch crowd, Duckroost Seafood & Deli has added a little something extra to its highly anticipated list of daily specials. People are pulling in to get a bite of crawfish.

“I got my keys, got in the car, and got here as fast as possible,” Brandon Parr said.

Parr, like most people, typically must wait until at least January to get their hands on some nice-sized crawfish, but not this season. There’s just enough for seafood lovers to get their fix. “I’ve got three pounds right here and it’s a good little lunch. It’s perfect,” he said.

Duckroost has been getting crawfish for three weeks, but not in large amounts. Owner, David Roques, says while the Atchafalaya Basin and some farmers in the Lafayette area have been producing crawfish, they do come at a cost.

“They are a little bit high price right now. Our volume is down based on the price. If they keep coming like they are coming now, I look for that to change soon,” Roques said.

Customers at Duckroost are paying $5.99 per pound for boiled crawfish and $5.50 for live. That’s down 50 cents since last week. Roques says that’s a good sign. “Looks like we are going to have a lot of crawfish this year,” he said.

That’s great news for Parr and everyone in Louisiana who looks forward to having them any time of year.

“I mean, it’s where we are from. It’s Louisiana. That’s what we eat,” Parr said.

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