Alphabet Soup daycare will remain shut down after judge denies appeal

Judge denies appeal for Alphabet Soup; daycare to remain closed

PRAIRIEVILLE, LA (WAFB) - The Alphabet Soup daycare in Prairieville will remain closed after a hearing in the 19th Judicial District Court this morning.

Judge Wilson Fields held a hearing Thursday to decide whether the daycare license should be returned or permanently revoked.

The owners of Alphabet Soup failed to appear in court so Judge Fields denied their appeal.

Therefore, the daycare will remain closed..

Earlier this year, the Louisiana Department of Education claimed the daycare threatened, quote, the “health and well-being” of the children there.

The state cited 70 deficiencies against Alphabet Soup over the past two years, including, “insufficient child-to-staff ratios, supervision, and documentation.”

The Alphabet Soup daycare had been in operation since 2002.

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