BlueCross BlueShield bringing nationwide health initiative to Baton Rouge

Nationwide healthcare initiative coming to Baton Rouge

(WAFB) - BlueCross BlueShield of Louisiana is partnering up with the National Institute of Health to bring a new nationwide health initiative to Baton Rouge.

It’s called All of Us. The initiative is hoping to collect health data from a million volunteers across the country from different backgrounds to work on better, more individualized healthcare. They hope with more individualized data, the better the future of healthcare can be.

“It is important because we are different and in the world and community that we live in today, it is important that we get to know our differences so that we can celebrate each other. In doing so, I believe we will learn more about ourselves, our community and our surroundings and that can only lead to better health and a better tomorrow,” said Jacqueline Bettner, chair of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

The initiative is just starting in Baton Rouge, but organizers plan to spread across the state.

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