Plea for Justice: Family looks for answers in slain father’s mysterious death

Beaux Bailey’s widow asks public for help solving case

Widow mourns husband who died during home invasion

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - In her aunt’s home surrounded by family, Jana Bailey struggled to find the words to describe her late husband. Tears filled her eyes as she thought about the man she married and built a life with. Six months after his violent death, the pain of her loss is still raw.

“I think to try and describe him in a few sentences is not possible,” said Bailey. “His heart was so full of Jesus and that reflected in all aspects of his life, from how he loved his family to how he invested in work to his relationships with his friends. He just had such a big heart and it was an honor for me to get to experience that with him."

Her husband, Beaux Bailey, died defending their home in June. Authorities reported a Mississippi man named Tedd Bourn broke in early in the morning. Investigators say both men fired gunshots. Neither survived.

It was just one month shy of Beaux and Jana’s second wedding anniversary. The couple had five kids as part of a big blended family; both had children from previous marriages. At the time of the break-in, Jana and Beaux were alone in their Livingston Parish home.

The Bailey family
The Bailey family (Source: Thomas, Rachael)

"He made sure I was safe while he could,” said Bailey. “He made sure I was safe and here I am to continue his story, so that’s what I’m going to do.”

Bailey is still sharing her husband’s story, because while she and her family know who is responsible for Beaux’s death, they still do not know why he was attacked. The Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office was quick to say the break-in was not random, and that it appeared the suspect had targeted Beaux.

Bourn was from Tupelo, Mississippi and drove hours across state lines to the Bailey’s home. Investigators immediately seized electronics from the suspect’s Mississippi home looking for clues, but it’s not clear what they may have found. While Bourn did have a criminal history, a spokesman with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office confirmed it consisted of misdemeanors and traffic violations.

The case remains open with both the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation digging for answers. Officials have not released additional details.

Meanwhile, Bailey and her family cling to hope that someone may have the key piece of information to finally bring the case to a close. “Getting closure from this will only come from Jesus,” said Bailey. “What we need is justice and that’s what we’re looking for.”

The Bailey family established a website,, for tips which can be submitted anonymously. An anonymous donor also put up $25,000 for any information that leads to an arrest. They’ve also taken out billboards featuring their website in north Mississippi near the suspect’s home.

"My plea for the people would be to know that this was not something that just randomly happens. We would ask anyone if they had any information that could help, even if they think it’s not helpful, it’s helpful to us,” said Bailey.

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