Zachary residents say school bus drivers are putting lives in danger

9News Alert Team: School buses running stop sign in Zachary

ZACHARY, LA (WAFB) - WAFB’s 9News Alert team is trying to help some residents who are concerned about several school bus drivers failing to stop at stop signs in Zachary. One man was involved in an accident with a bus.

“It was like a split second. When I got out in the middle of the road, it was like ‘boom,’” said Bill Johnson.

The problem area is at the intersection of Avenue A and East Central Avenue. Johnson says he was caught off guard when the bus driver failed to stop at a stop sign and hit his car. “The bus came down off of the railroad tracks and the element of surprise, didn’t stop at the stop sign. Evidently, she must have forgot after she stopped on the top that the stop sign was there," Johnson said.

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Johnson says it wasn’t the first time buses have driven through the stop sign. A viewer who saw the accident sent us videos she’d taken over several different days at the same spot.

“There’s a stop sign, you stop and not doing so puts the children’s lives in jeopardy and then those of us that are on the road with our own children in the vehicles,” said a witness.

WAFB’s 9News Alert Team went to the location and observed the same thing. Multiple buses failed to stop at the stop sign.

We reached out to Zachary’s school board. The superintendent says he was shocked to hear the buses were not stopping, but he offered a possible reason why. If the buses do stop at the stop sign, the back of their bus will still be partially on the railroad track, something that creates another dangerous issue.

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“Something has to be done before someone is seriously injured and God forbid we lose a child,” said that same witness.

The superintendent agrees, telling us they will immediately begin finding a solution.

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