Baton Rouge Theater issues warning about phony, overpriced ticket scam plaguing ‘Nutcracker’ opening

Baton Rouge Theater issues alert about 'Nutcracker' ticket scalpers

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Customers wishing to see The Nutcracker - A Tale from the Bayou at the Baton Rouge Ballet theater are urged to be on the lookout for ticket scalpers who may be selling tickets for double the face value.

Information provided by the theater says unauthorized online ticket vendors are operating on websites which look “very legitimate.” Usually the site offers a small print disclaimer that they are a resale market and that ticket prices may be above listed price after being shown that “this event is very popular” or “buy now before it sells out” and then the hard sell “ticket prices may soon rise.” Customers may receive a guarantee that online tickets will be distributed via an email which never arrives.

“We keep our prices low so audiences have access to a quality performance. It sickens us when customers are taken advantage of when they are just hoping to enjoy this holiday classic with their family or friends,” said Molly Buchmann, BRBT’s co-artistic director.

The Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre office reports they receive calls every week complaining about the price of the tickets to the show. Those calls usually reference scalpers who may be selling tickets with a face value of $43 for $100, as one site reportedly has. The theater reports some customers have had some luck getting reimbursed for the swindle by quickly calling their credit card companies if they realize the mistake soon enough.

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