Tickfaw teacher’s ‘Greetings Menu’ goes viral

Tickfaw teacher uses unique system to greet students

TICKFAW, LA (WAFB) - Some students prefer the handshake. Others like to dance, but all of them can agree on how much they enjoy Mrs. Schaff’s Greetings Menu.

“Boy am I glad I did it,” said Chelsea Ezell Schaff, who’s been teaching at Lucille Nesom Memorial School in Tickfaw for three years. “It is just the best thing that I’ve ever done and it really sets the mood for the day.”

A video of Schaff greeting her children for their class at Lucille Nesom Memorial School has gotten thousands of views on Facebook. The kids walk up to the menu, then press which greeting they would like. The greetings are: wave, high five, fist bump, hug, dance, and hand shake.

Schaff says she got the idea from her mother, also a teacher, and started doing it two weeks ago. “I like it so much because it gives the children, not only does it give them free choice, but it gives them a way to express themselves and it makes them feel comfortable."

“They get to choose how they want to be greeted,” she said.

On Wednesday morning, Schaff’s teaching assistant, Keytha Quinn, filmed the greeting and posted it on her Facebook page. It aired on the “Parting Shots” segment of WAFB 9News This Morning and started building views rapidly.

“She actually didn’t know I uploaded it at first,” Quinn said. “So it was kind of a surprise, and then we didn’t expect it to go like as viral as it has been.”

Schaff says other teachers have told her they will start doing something similar. She hopes the idea spreads.

In case you’re wondering what her favorite greeting is, she likes to dance, but also enjoys the hug.

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