Mother says family living in unsafe conditions

9News Alert Team: Rough living conditions for resident in Hudson Square Apartments

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - WAFB’s 9News Alert Team received a call from a mother who says roaches have run her family out of their apartment.

“I can’t do it here no more, I really can’t,” said the concerned mother.

A family living in the Hudson Square Apartments says life has become a nightmare. The mother of two, who asked that we keep her anonymous, says there are roaches all over her apartment. “Roaches in the cracks of the wall, roaches in my trash, roaches in my baby clothes, her toys, the television… that’s disgusting,” she said.

(Source: Thomas, Rachael)
(Source: Thomas, Rachael)

She says the final straw was when the roaches began crawling on her 7-month-old son. That’s when she and her family temporarily moved in with her mother. “It’s stressful, like we a prisoner, we prisoners in this apartment,” the woman said.

The mothers says roaches are not the only problem, but that they’ve also been living without heat for the last few weeks and dealing with a leaking roof, which she says is creating a mold and mildew problem. She says management has promised to fix the problems, but nothing has been done. “I just feel forgotten, like they just forgot about us. We tried talking to managers, but they were not at any of their offices,” she said. WAFB also tried calling but received no answer. The mother says she feels forgotten.

“I just feel like they have put us on the back burner," she said.

Apartment management has not yet responded to any of our messages.

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