NOPD officer arrested after high-speed chase ends in fiery crash

NOPD officer arrested after high-speed chase ends in fiery crash
(Source: NOPD)

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Someone called Kenner 911 just before midnight Saturday after a man trying to buy alcohol was denied at a drug store. The caller said the man was obviously impaired.

Kenner Police responded and pulled over 53-year-old Carlos Peralta in the 300 block of West Esplanade. That’s when police say Peralta, a 22-year veteran of the NOPD, took off.

Investigators said he drove recklessly through red traffic signals and swerved between vehicles before getting on the I-10 eastbound. Police said at times, Peralta traveled in excess of 110 mph. During the chase, state troopers deployed spike strips, disabling the vehicle’s front passenger-side tire.

They said Peralta got off the interstate at Morrison Road when the vehicle became engulfed in flames and stopped. Police said Peralta had a 15-year-old relative in the passenger seat, and he quickly jumped out of the vehicle. But that wasn’t the case with Peralta. They said Peralta refused to get out of the car, even though it was on fire. Police pulled him out and took him to the hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries.

Investigators said Peralta was incoherent, smelled of alcohol and couldn’t take a field sobriety test.

New Orleans Police Chief Michael Harrison released the following statement: "I have been very clear the NOPD does not and will not tolerate this type of behavior from our officers whether they are on or off duty. We will not allow the actions of one to stain the significant progress this department continues to make as a whole to provide the citizens of New Orleans with a world class department.”

Kenner Police booked the veteran cop with aggravated flight from a officer, DWI and reckless operation of a vehicle. He’s now on an emergency suspension from the NOPD.

Peralta’s bond was set at $31,500.00.

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