Golden Band alumni petition LSU band director to stop playing ‘Red Zone’

Golden Band alumni petition LSU band director to stop playing ‘Red Zone’
Louisiana State University Tiger Marching Band (Source: Josh Auzenne)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A former member of the LSU band has started an online petition to get the Golden Band from Tigerland to stop playing a specific song. The band played it repeatedly during overtime. Some fans describe it as “horrible, embarrassing, the worst sound known to man.”

LSU alum wants band to stop playing 'Red Zone'


LSU Golden Band from Tigerland "Red Zone"

If you watched the game, you probably know the tune. It’s called “Red Zone” and the Golden Band played it during every third down in overtime. Fans are chiming in with opinions. “It’s melodic. You hear it. We all hear it,” Bake Vick said.


With a game that went into overtime seven times, it was hard to ignore. “It sounds sporty,” Claire Miller said.

“It gives that intense energy like we need to get this done,” Zachary Averette said.

“I love it. I love it. I love it,” Keith Sheppard said.

But it wasn’t music to everyone’s ears. A former band member started an online petition Sunday to “Stop the LSU band from playing that horrible 2-tone screeching sound on defense.” In just two days, it has almost reached its goal of 500 signatures. Some of the petitioners claim to be former band members. Others are just fed up fans.

Lindsay Watson wrote, ”That’s not music, it’s noise!! For heaven’s sake, and the sanity of the fans and players alike - stop playing it!!!”

Patricia Wafer, a Tiger band alum wrote, “Please remove this garbage and don’t bring it back!!!”

Matthew Bauer wrote, ”I don’t want to hear a car alarm going off during the whole game.”

Some students shared those sentiments.

“Honestly, it’s just organized noise,” Ugo Njoku said.

“It sounds like the scene from the Wizard of Oz when they are about to go pour water on the witch. It’s evil,” Eliza Kucera said.

Despite the growing number of signatures against it, some fans say they want more of it. “I say we play it louder next game,” Vick said.

LSU Director of Bands and Manship Associate Professor Damon S. Talley released the following statement regarding the petition:

“We certainly appreciate the enthusiasm of our fans and all comments that we receive. We are constantly evaluating how best to support our team during the game, as well as our fans and their experience, and will consider all suggestions moving forward.”

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