Baton Rouge officials to host Gas for Guns buyback exchange program

Baton Rouge officials to host Gas for Guns buyback exchange program
(Source: Lowrey, Erin)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Numerous Baton Rouge officials, including Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome, District Attorney Hillar Moore, Sheriff Sid Gautreaux, and Chief Murphy Paul, are joining together to host the Gas for Guns exchange program on Saturday, December 1.

Trade in your guns for gas cards, no questions asked

The program will be held at Living Faith Christian Center, located at 6375 Winbourne Ave., from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The “no questions asked” buyback program is hosted in partnership with Circle K and the TRUCE program. The event will offer $50 to $300 in gas coupons for each qualifying handgun or assault weapon turned in.

Prior programs such as this in Baton Rouge have collected nearly 800 unsecured guns for $51,000 in gas coupons since 2010.

HOW IT WORKS (weapons must be functional and not replicas)

  • Pistols or revolvers smaller than .38 caliber - $50 in gas cards
  • Pistols .38 caliber or greater - $100 in gas cards
  • “Assault style” rifles of variant of an automatic or semi-automatic rifle similar to those used in military with caliber of 9 mm, 7.62 mm, or 5.56 mm - $300 in gas cards

Any other firearm or ammo may also be dropped off for safe disposal and destruction by law enforcement without a gas card exchange.

Those dropping off weapons will not be asked any questions about their identity or how they came to be in possession of the gun. The program is limited to two weapons per person.

Moore says the most money is being offered for “assault style” weapons because they are the most costly and are the weapons of choice for many criminals. Similarly, large caliber handguns are used frequently in crimes, so the incentive for turning those in is also higher.

Those wishing to trade in their firearms should arrive in a vehicle with the weapon stored in the trunk. Those arriving on foot should put the weapon in a sealed, closed container such as a bag, backpack, or box. Those who feel uncomfortable about taking their firearm to the donation site can call the sheriff’s office or the police department at any time to make arrangements for collection. Gas cards will only be provided at the event, however.

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