Parents, students complain about mold on frozen waffles served at school

Parents, students complain about mold on frozen waffles served at school
Here is a photo sent to WAFB of what the sender claims are moldy waffles served at Baker High School. (Source: WAFB)

BAKER, LA (WAFB) - Several parents and students contacted WAFB to complain about mold on frozen waffles that were served to students for breakfast at school.

Callers said the problem happened at Baker High School.

Herman Brister, the superintendent of the City of Baker School District, released a statement Thursday about the waffles.

I am aware of the situation that occurred during breakfast this morning at Baker High School, and am reviewing our steps with the staff. This is a frozen, pre-wrapped product that is served in the packaging. I am contacting our distributor, and I am also contacting other districts that received this product to determine if they experienced the same or similar issues with this product, because the product was received this week. Going forward, I am making the change to move away from this product to avoid any future occurrences. While it remains a gross oversight, upon notification the staff immediately pulled the product and offered toast to the students that received this product and to all other students being served. I have been in contact with several parents this morning listening to their concerns. They have indicated this is the first time this type of problem has occurred. I have assured them we are taking preventive measures to assure this does not happen again.

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