Teacher pay raises could be in reach thanks to more stable budget

Teacher pay raises

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Teacher pay raises continue to be a hot topic for school officials. On Monday, president of the Louisiana Federation of Teachers and School Employees addressed members of the press, saying raises are long overdue.

“It’s time to begin making meaningful investments in the future of Louisiana children and the dedicated teachers and paraprofessionals and school related personnel in whom to who we entrust our children to everyday,” said Carter.

According to Carter, the last significant pay raise was in 2007. He says a stagnant salary has left many in the profession fighting to keep up with a moving economy

“There have been no state raises since then, even though other costs like insurance have continued to rise. Those costs end up eating a large percentage of those school employees’ income because of their low salaries," he said.

Carter says it’s not just the teachers, but aides and higher education personnel who have also been neglected. He says they often make less than $20,000 yearly, leaving them to depend on state benefits.

“Our economy is starting to roll again. We cannot continue to make mistakes of the past. It is time to make up our losses, invest in our schools, and make decisions about education, the cornerstone of our future development of our state,” said Carter.

Carter hopes the state’s more stable budget will make the idea of teacher raises more attractive to lawmakers. He says the governor is committed to increasing funding to the Minimum Foundation Program and raising pay for teacher and support personnel to the southern regional average.

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