Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs honors military service members

LA Dept. of Veterans Affairs honor military service members

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - For the last 64 years, the United States has honored the men and women who defend the country. Today, that adoration comes from their peers and the mouths of babes.

The Louisiana Department of Veteran Affairs hosted a Veterans Day ceremony Sunday afternoon at the American Legion Nicholson Post #38. The ceremony featured children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of those that served in the military.

Joey Mullins, who led the pledge of allegiance, says she’s considering joining the armed forces. Her father is a veteran of the United States Navy. Mullins’ grandparents were also in the military.

“The military is different from normal life,” Mullins said. “You can help save people who are in danger and save people who need help.”

One hundred years ago today, World War I ended. Understanding the importance of that fight and those that came later is important, which is why Veterans Day continues to be significant to so many.

“I pray that you would bless each one of the veteran’s lives and their individual families. Reward them for their courageous actions toward our nation,” said Chloe Robbins, as she lead the invocation.

Anna Sanders, a U.S Air Force veteran and president of an organization named Louisiana Women Veterans said the big takeaway from today, is for people to realize what veterans have done.

“Some of us went overseas. Some of us went stateside, but we all served a purpose. This is just a special day to thank them,” Sanders said.

“We know that it doesn’t stop. It’s something that’s ongoing right now and will be a part of our future,” said Renee Reneger, who has family members that served in the military. “We want to make sure that people know that we appreciate their sacrifices and commitment to us and our country.”

Locke Brackin, a cub scout who came from a long line of military service members, was taught from a young age the value of sacrifice. Brackin’s great-grandfather was a WWII veteran in the Coast Guard.

“I understand veterans fought a very dangerous war for us. I thank them very much for that,” Brackin said.

The bayou state is home to more than 28,000 veterans and their sacrifice is one many, including young people, will continue to admire.

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