Residents sick of trash, bad smells in Tigerland

9News Alert Team: Tigerland trash

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Some people living in Tigerland have had enough of the constant trash and odors in their neighborhood. One of the residents, Joshua Davis, moved into the area after returning home from the military. He says it’s one of the dirtiest, smelliest conditions he’s ever experienced.

“Think of, you throw a house party and the trash sits for three weeks, and it rains the entire time, and then when you go to take the bags out, they break on your feet; that's the smell you’re thinking about,” said Davis.

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Students describe the smell as a combination of beer, food, and trash, lingering for days and making for an unpleasant commute.

“I feel like I should where my gas mask because it stinks,” said Breann Ivers.

“All the way until my apartment room, my building I smell it. It’s really disgusting,” said Destiny Rodriguez.

The next step was to determine what was causing the problem. The people WAFB spoke with largely blamed it on the bars in the area. We attempted to talk with the owners, but they did not say much other than they were doing their best to address the issues.

“It’s called curb appeal. If you have a business that cleans up behind themselves and take pride themselves, then the residents will clean up behind themselves and you start to get a cleaner area,” said Davis.

(Source: WAFB)

“Baton Rouge is, you know, a home to a lot of places and you know it needs to look nice because it is nice, it’s a nice place, but seeing all this makes it look dirty,” said Ivers.

One of the bar owners later reached out to us and said they are willing to work with the other bars to bring in a routine cleaning crew.

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