What you need to know for Election Day

Polls open from 6 a.m. - 8 p.m. on Nov. 6

What you need to know for Election Day
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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Election Day is Tuesday, November 6, and there are some things you need to know before heading to the polls.

Voters statewide will decide who is the permanent replacement for former Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler, as well as, Congressional midterm seats, six constitutional amendments, and propositions on the local level.

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There is also a ballot measure that would permit online fantasy sports betting in a voter’s parish.

Polls in Louisiana open at 6 a.m. on Election Day and close at 8 p.m. Voters will need to a government-issued photo ID.

Officials with the Secretary of State’s Office say voters without an ID will be required to fill out an affidavit in order to vote.

The following school districts will be closed due to Election Day, East Baton Rouge Parish, Livingston Parish, Ascension Parish, Zachary Community School District, Central Community School System, City of Baker School District, Tangipahoa Parish, West Baton Rouge Parish, and West Feliciana Parish.

For a list of polling locations, sample ballot, and more information visit GeauxVote.com. You can also download the Geaux Vote app.

The following is a list of proposed amendements to the Louisiana Constitution, statewide candidates, and a look at what’s at local proposition.

List of Louisiana Constitutional Amendments:

  1. Prohibit felons from public office for five years after serving a sentence
  2. Require a unanimous jury verdict in all felony cases 
  3. Allow political subdivisions to exchange public equipment and personnel for authorized activities
  4. Prohibit using money in the Transportation Trust Fund by state police for traffic control purposes
  5. Allows special assessments for certain homes held in trust
  6. Require a tax phase-in for primary homes when an assessment increases by more than 50 percent  

Secretary of State candidates

  • Kyle Ardoin, Republican
  • Heather Cloud, Republican
  • Gwen Collins-Greenup, Democrat
  • A.G. Crowe, Republican
  • Rick Edmonds, Republican
  • Renee Fontenot Free, Democrat
  • Thomas J. Kennedy III, Republican
  • Matthew Paul “Matt” Moreau, No Party
  • Julie Stokes, Republican

U.S. Representative 1st Congressional District candidates

(District includes Jefferson, Lafourche, Orleans, St. Bernard, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, and Terrebonne parishes.)

  • Lee Ann Dugas, Democrat
  • Jim Francis, Democrat
  • Frederick “Ferd” Jones, Independent 
  • Howard Kearney, Libertarian 
  • Tammy M. Savoie, Democrat
  • Steve Scalise, Republican 

U.S. Representative 2nd Congressional District candidates

(District includes Ascension, Assumption, East Baton Rouge, Iberville, Jefferson, Orleans, St. Charles, St. James, St. John the Baptist, and West Baton Rouge parishes.)

  • Belden “Noonie Man” Batiste, Independent 
  • Cedric Richmond, Democrat
  • Shawndra Rodriguez, No Party
  • Jesse Schmidt, No Party

U.S. Representative 5th Congressional District candidates

(District includes Avoyelles, Caldwell, Concordia, East Carroll, East Feliciana, Franklin, Grant, Jackson, LaSalle, Lincoln, Madison, Morehouse, Ouachita, Rapides, Richland, St. Helena, St. Landry, Tangipahoa, Tensas, Washington, West Carroll, West Feliciana, and Winn parishes.)

  • Ralph Abraham, Republican
  • Billy Burkette, Independent
  • Jessee Carlton Fleenor, Democrat
  • Kyle Randol, Libertarian

U.S. Representative 6th Congressional District candidates

(District includes Ascension, Assumption, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Iberville, Lafourche, Livingston, Pointe Coupee, St. Charles, St. Helena, St. John the Baptist, Terrebonne, and West Baton Rouge parishes.)

  • Justin Dewitt, Democrat
  • Devin Lance Graham, Independent
  • Garret Graves, Republican 
  • Andie Saizan, Democrat

East Baton Rouge Parish

Baton Rouge - City Judge, Election Section 2A

  • Chris Hester, Republican
  • Johnell Matthews, Democrat

Baton Rouge - City Constable

  • Gordon “Trey” Bargas, Republican
  • Riley Harbor III, Democrat
  • Leo LaMotte, Democrat
  • Ron Stevens, Democrat
  • Terrica Williams, Democrat

Baker School Board

District 1

  • Elaine G. Davis, Democrat
  • Willie Williams Jr., Democrat

District 2

  • Sharlous Booker, Democrat
  • Dana Carpenter, Democrat

District 3

  • Joyce Burges, Democrat
  • Rosatina Johnson, Democrat

District 5

  • Calvin J. Dees Sr., Democrat
  • Vanessa Parker, Democrat

East Baton Rouge Parish School Board

District 2

  • Joycelyn Hall, Democrat
  • Dadrius Lanus, Democrat
  • Vereta Lee, Democrat

District 3

  • Tramelle Howard, Democrat
  • Kenyetta Nelson-Smith, Democrat

District 4

  • Dawn Collins, Democrat
  • Chrisdelin “Kelly” Lyles, Democrat

District 5

  • Cliff Lewis, Democrat
  • Evelyn Ware-Jackson, Democrat

District 6

  • Tammy Dabadie, Republican
  • Jill Dyason, Republican

District 7

  • Michael Gaudet, Republican
  • Tania Nyman, Democrat

Zachary Community School Board

District 2

  • Brandy Hughes Westmoreland, No Party
  • Lindsey Whitty, No Party

District 4

  • Jeanne “Nikki” Gautreaux, Republican
  • Kenneth Mackie, Democrat

District 6

  • Rose Barfield, No Party
  • Amy Schulze, No Party
  • Heidi Vessel, Democrat

District 7

  • Jennifer Boyd, Republican
  • Ginger Zeringue Deroche, Republican
  • Beth Kimmell, Republican

Central Mayor

  • David Barrow, Republican
  • Marcus Michelli, Republican
  • “Jr.” Shelton, Republican

Central Chief of Police

  • Roger Corcoran, Republican
  • James Salsbury, Republican

Central City Council

Members At Large (2)

  • Wade Evans, Republican
  • Aaron K. McKinney, Republican
  • Ryan Meador, Republican
  • Wayne Messina, Republican
  • Kimberly Powers, Republican

District 1

  • Charlie Habig, Democrat
  • Aaron Moak, Republican

District 2

  • Joshua Roy, Republican
  • John Vance, Republican

District 3

  • Kim Fralick, Republican
  • Dave Freneaux, Republican

District 4

  • Shane Evans, Republican
  • Despo “D’Ann” Wells, Republican

District 5

  • Charles Lee Hinton, Republican
  • Jeffrey Meyers, Republican
  • Briton Myer, Republican

Zachary Mayor

  • David Amrhein, No Party
  • Jeff Ponder, Independent

Zachary City Council

District 1

  • Jacob Krzystowczyk, Republican
  • Francis Nezianya, No Party 

District 3

  • Vincent Cimino, Republican
  • Laura O’Brien, Republican

District 4

  • Stephanie McKnight Cain, Democrat
  • Thomas Hunter Landry, Republican

District 5

  • Lael Montgomery, Democrat
  • Tommy Womack, Democrat

Hermitage-Cross Creek Prevention and Development District

To levy a $100 annual fee on every improved parcel for a residential structure for 10 years, beginning Jan. 1, 2020, and generating an estimated $56,625 a year for crime prevention and enhanced security by providing for an increase of law enforcement personnel or contracted security personnel.

Parishwide Proposition

To allow fantasy sports contests in the parish.

Ascension Parish

Judge, Parish Court

  • Kim Landry, Republican
  • Erin Wiley Lanoux, Republican

Ascension Parish School Board

District 2

  • Scott Duplechein, No Party
  • Duane Humphrey, Democrat

District 4, Seat B

  • John Murphy, Republican
  • Corey J. Orgeron, Republican

District 5, Seat A

  • John DeFrances, Republican
  • Shawn K. Sevario, Republican

District 6, Seat A

  • Mike Anderson, No Party
  • Jared “Boo” Bercegeay, No Party 
  • Dennis Cullen, Republican
  • Lorraine Wimberly, Republican

East Ascension Gravity Drainage District 1

To renew the 10-year, 5-mill property tax, generating $5.6 million a year, for operation and maintenance costs.

West Ascension Hospital Service District

To reduce the ½-cent sales tax to ¼-cent for the hospital district.

Parishwide Proposition

To allow fantasy sports contests in the parish.

Assumption Parish

School Board

Ward 6

  • Ray “Nick” Nicholas, Democrat
  • Daniel “Jack” Washington, Democrat

Napoleonville Mayor

  • Ron Animashaun, Democrat
  • Floyd J. Truehill, Democrat

Parishwide Proposition

To allow fantasy sports contests in the parish.

East Feliciana Parish

School Board

District 1

  • Rufus Nesbitt, Democrat
  • Ronald Thompson, Democrat

District 4

  • Caleb Aaron, Republican
  • Emily Hurst, Republican

District 7

  • Paul Kent, Independent
  • Anthony “Tony” Rouchon, Independent

Parishwide Proposition

To allow fantasy sports contests in the parish.

Iberville Parish

School Board

At Large

  • Ferrante T. Dominique, Independent
  • Darlene M. Ourso, Democrat

District C

  • Pam George, Democrat
  • Shanika K. Martin, Democrat

District G

  • Mervin “Merv” Allen Jr., Democrat
  • Chris Daigle, Democrat

Maringouin Mayor

  • Maurice Harris, Democrat
  • Demi Lynn Vorise, Democrat

Maringouin Chief of Police

  • Hosea K. Anderson Sr., Democrat
  • Daniel T. Dorsey, Democrat
  • Sahajda “Wesley” Willis, No Party

Maringouin Alderman (5 will be elected)

  • Kirkland Anderson Sr., Democrat
  • John E. Carriere, Democrat
  • Cherise D. Gougisha, Democrat
  • Veronica “Bonnie” Hill, Democrat
  • Jerome “Gillis” Martin Jr., Democrat
  • Katrell A. Poole, Democrat
  • Brian “Gumble” Robinson, Democrat
  • Garrick “Gary” Scott, Democrat
  • Sam W. Watson, Democrat
  • Clarence “D-Dot” Wiley, Democrat

White Castle Mayor

  • Ernest J. “Bay Boy” Allen Sr., Democrat
  • Shalanda Lewis Allen, Democrat
  • Keisha D. Fleming, Democrat
  • John Morris III, Democrat

White Castle Chief of Police

  • Harold L. Brooks Jr., Democrat
  • Mario D. Brown Sr., Democrat
  • Kendall “Jip” Delone, Democrat

White Castle Alderman (5 will be elected)

  • Melissa Allen, Democrat
  • Erick “Duck” Batiste, No Party
  • Candice M. Depron, Democrat
  • Kipp V. Knight, Democrat
  • Barbara “Bo” O’Bear, Democrat
  • Queen Thomas Prevot, Democrat
  • Cedric “Scooby” Rome, Democrat

Parishwide Proposition

To allow fantasy sports contests in the parish.

Livingston Parish

School Board

District 8

  • Frank Parrino, Republican
  • Jim Richardson, No Party

District 9

  • Devin Gregoire, Republican
  • Bryan Neal, No Party

Albany Mayor

  • Eileen Bates-McCarroll, Republican
  • Lloyd “Gene” Glascock, Republican
  • Richard Herring Jr., Democrat

Albany Chief of Police

  • Russell D. Hutchinson, Independent
  • Brian Keith Stewart, Democrat

Albany Town Council (5 will be elected)

  • Jerry Glascock, No Party
  • Ronnie Gregoire, Democrat
  • Edmond C. Harris, Republican
  • Lloyd “Bee” Martin, Republican
  • Kim Stewart, Republican
  • S. Gerald Stilley, Republican

Denham Springs Mayor

  • Tom Berry, Republican
  • H. Gerard Landry, Republican

Denham Springs Council

  • Amber Dugas, Republican
  • Lori Lamm-Williams, Republican
  • Robert Poole, Republican
  • Raphineas “Ray” Riley, Democrat
  • Laura Schmitt Smith, Republican
  • Jeff Wesley, Republican

Killian Mayor

  • Peter Bock, Independent
  • Gillis Windham, Republican

Parishwide Law Enforcement District

To levy a ½ percent sales tax, generating an estimated $9.8 million a year, beginning April 1, 2019, in perpetuity, providing additional funding for the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office, including, but not limited to, stationing sheriff’s deputies in public schools.

Parishwide Home Rule Charter Amendment

To limit the terms of both the parish council members and the parish president to three consecutive four-year terms, with terms beginning on Jan. 14, 2020, but the amendment effective on Jan. 1, 2019.

Parishwide Proposition

To allow fantasy sports contests in the parish.

Pointe Coupee Parish

Parish President

  • Mike Cashio, Democrat
  • Major Thibaut, Democrat

Parish Council

District A

  • Jimmie “Tater” Gaspard, Independent
  • Gordon M. Taylor, Democrat

District B

  • Anthony “Dudley” Hurst Sr., Democrat
  • Sidney “Scooter” LaCoste II, Democrat

District C

  • Calvin G. Battley Sr., Democrat
  • Edward “Pop” Bazile, Democrat
  • Lemuel Jack, Democrat

District E

  • David Major, Democrat
  • Billy Soulier, Democrat
  • Steve Stelly, Independent 

District G

  • Paul Bergeron, Republican
  • Stephen Smith, No Party 

District H

  • Justin K. Cox, Democrat
  • Kurt Jarreau, Democrat

School Board

District B

  • Brandon Bergeron, Republican
  • Gene Aubry Hendricks, Republican

District F

  • Paula LaCour, Independent
  • Anita LeJeune, Democrat

District G

  • Mike Brown, Independent
  • Lisa Loupe D’Aquila, Republican

District H

  • James “Bado” Cline, Democrat
  • Jason Lemoine, Independent

Morganza Mayor

  • Charles “Chuck” Landry, Democrat
  • Clarence “Woots” Wells, Democrat

New Roads Mayor

  • Kevin “Cat” Bridgewater, Democrat
  • Anthony R. Daisy, Democrat
  • Cornell Dukes, Democrat

New Roads City Council

Member At Large

  • Cleotha Johnigan Jr., Democrat
  • Theron Smith, No Party
  • Kenneth “Kenny” St. Romain, No Party

District 1 (2 will be elected)

  • Vernell Davis, Democrat
  • Joy Nelson, Democrat
  • Bernadine A. St. Cyr, Democrat

Parishwide Proposition

To allow fantasy sports contests in the parish.

St. James Parish

School Board

District 2

  • Ericka Schexnayder Brignac, Democrat
  • Kenneth J. “Wop” Foret Sr., Democrat

District 3

  • Sue Bienvenu Beier, Democrat
  • Boyd Weber, Republican 

District 5

  • Patricia H. “Ducy” Schexnayder, Democrat
  • Dianne Spencer, Democrat

District 7

  • Raymond Gros Jr., Democrat
  • Richard “Ricky” Reulet Jr., Democrat

Gramercy Mayor

  • Steven J. Bourgeois, Democrat
  • Steve Nosacka, Independent

Gramercy Board of Alderman

Alderman At Large (2 will be elected)

  • Craig Calcagno, Democrat
  • Carl K. Henry, Democrat
  • Shelly M. Warren, Democrat
  • Claude “Clyde” Wiggins, Democrat 

District 2

  • Jody M. Bourgeois, Democrat
  • Darren Brack, Democrat

District 3

  • Theron Louque, Democrat
  • Todd “ZB” Roussel, No Party

Lutcher Board of Alderman

Alderman At Large

  • Michael “Giff” Barker, Democrat
  • Chaduthaddeus Carter, Democrat
  • Hunter Haydel, Democrat
  • Deedra “Deedy” Martin Spurlock, Democrat
  • Darlene F. Riley, Democrat

District 1, Division A

  • John Brass, Democrat
  • Danny B. Manuel, Democrat

Parishwide Proposition

To allow fantasy sports contests in the parish.

Tangipahoa Parish

School Board

District A

  • Walter Daniels, Democrat
  • Jonathon Foster, Democrat
  • Janice Fultz Richards, Democrat

District B

  • Rodney Lee, Independent
  • Tom Tolar, Republican

District C

  • Robin Abrams, Republican
  • Janice Reid Holland, Democrat

District D

  • Terran Perry, Democrat
  • Phillip David Ridder Jr., Republican
  • Glenn Westmoreland, Republican

District F

  • Randy Bush, Republican
  • Christina “Chris” Cohea, No Party
  • E. Rene Soule, Democrat
  • Mike Whitlow, Republican

District G

  • Alvon Brumfield, No Party
  • Jerry Moore, Democrat
  • Betty C. Robinson, Democrat

District I

  • Rose Quave Dominguez, Republican
  • Arden Wells, Republican
  • John H. Wright Jr., Democrat

Hammond Mayor

  • Oscar “Omar” Dantzler, Democrat
  • Jim “J.” Kelly Jr., Democrat
  • Peter Michael Panepinto, Republican

Hammond City Council

District 1

  • Kiplyn “Kip” Andrews, Democrat
  • Carl R. Duplessis, No Party
  • Chris McGee Sr., Democrat

District 2

  • Carlee White Gonzales, Republican
  • Craig Inman, Republican
  • Josh Taylor, Republican

District 3

  • Janice Carter, Democrat
  • Devon Wells, Democrat
  • Brad Wilson, Democrat

District 4

  • Sam Divittorio, Republican
  • Justin Thornhill, Republican

District 5

  • Louise Bostic, No Party
  • Steven Leon, Republican 

Kentwood Mayor

  • Rochell Bates, Democrat
  • Irma Thompson Gordon, Democrat
  • Michael “Mike” Hall, Democrat
  • Herbert Montgomery, No Party

Kentwood Chief of Police

  • Rochell Bates, Democrat
  • Irma Thompson Gordon, Democrat
  • Michael “Mike” Hall, Democrat
  • Herbert Montgomery, No Party

Kentwood Town Council (5 will be elected)

  • Gary Callihan, Democrat
  • Irma Clines, Democrat
  • Tre’von D. Cooper, Independent
  • Xavier D. Diamond, Democrat
  • Antoinette Harrell, Democrat
  • Terrell “Teddy” Hookfin, Democrat
  • Shannon R. Kazerooni, Democrat
  • William Lawson, Republican
  • James Robbins, No Party
  • Michael L. Sims, Democrat
  • Steven J. Smith, Democrat
  • Paul Stewart, Democrat
  • Tonja Thompson, Democrat
  • John Williams, Democrat
  • Audrey Thomas Winters, Democrat

Tickfaw Village Council (3 will be elected)

  • Mike Fedele, Other
  • Steve Galofaro, Other
  • Guy J. Ribando, Democrat
  • Jimmy Sparacello, No Party

Road Lighting District No. 6

To renew the 10-year, 10-mill property tax generating $572,225 a year.

Parishwide Proposition

To allow fantasy sports contests in the parish.

West Baton Rouge Parish

School Board

District VI

  • Chareeka Grace, Democrat
  • Rose Roche, Democrat
  • Landry Sprull Jr., Democrat

Parishwide Proposition

To allow fantasy sports contests in the parish.

West Feliciana Parish

Parish President

  • Lauren Field, Republican
  • Kenneth “Kenny” Havard, Republican
  • John Thompson, Republican

Parishwide Communications District

To renew for five years the 2-mill property tax generating $575,000 a year for the enhanced 911 telephone system, including the payment of necessary dispatch personnel.

Sales Tax District No. 1

To renew for seven years the half-cent sales tax generating $780,000 a year for recreational parks, facilities, equipment, programs and services, with up to 25 percent of the revenue used for social services and programs.

Parishwide Proposition

To allow fantasy sports contests in the parish.

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