Group to launch new motorcycle awareness campaign in response to recent fatalities

Motorcycle awareness

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - In the last two weeks, four people have died in motorcycle crashes in the greater Baton Rouge area. Due to the deaths, a local group is ramping up its efforts to raise awareness.

It’s a story that has become all too common lately. Since October 15, emergency responders have been called to at least six wrecks in the metro area involving a motorcycle. Four of those crashes were fatal.

Local Motorcycle Awareness Campaign (MAC) President Bob Courtney says that got his attention. “When I see something like this happening, I am worried about what’s causing it and what we can do as an organization to make it better and try to prevent it,” Courtney said.

MAC members spend a lot of time encouraging people to look out for motorcycles, especially in May, which is Motorcycle Awareness Month. The group even has a public service announcement out featuring a motorcycle crash survivor. Courtney says the public can expect to see a lot more in the coming weeks.

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“We are going to be distributing our signs, we are going to be having rallies, appear on street corners with our banners and our signs, just reminding motorists to be careful out there and to watch out for motorcycles,” Courtney said.

Courtney goes on to say even the smallest changes, like using the blue tooth hands-free option when you talk on the phone in your car, can go a long way. “With the cell phones here, you might not even see a small vehicle like a motorcycle next to you and might pull into them without being aware of their presence,” Courtney said.

Courtney says there are thousands of riders in the Baton Rouge area. Some ride for fun, but for others, it’s their only mode of transportation. Regardless, the message is the same.

“Watch out for us,” Courtney said.

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