Stolen Halloween decorations found at Kappa Sigma frat house on LSU campus

Stolen Halloween decorations

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Some members of an LSU fraternity could be in hot water after a few Baton Rouge homeowners reported their Halloween decorations went missing. One homeowner says he found his at the Kappa Sigma Fraternity house; another says campus police found hers there too.

Matt Johnson is proud of the Halloween decoration that adorns the front door of his house. He made it himself. “It’s like the small thing to get stoked about, but it’s so cool. I love coming home to it,” Johnson said.

Johnson says the giant clown is always the talk of the neighborhood. But on Wednesday morning, the clown was gone. “I was pretty pissed. I was like, this is ridiculous. I knew exactly where it was,” Johnson said.

Johnson says he has heard of college fraternities taking people’s Halloween decorations, so he got in his car, hit record on his cell phone, and drove toward LSU. He says the Kappa Sigma house was his first stop. It would be his last. “I got out of the car hoping it was it, and low and behold, it wasn’t covered all the way and I could see some of the hair and I called 911,” Johnson said.

Johnson got his clown back. He also filed a police report and aired his frustration on social media. “I was pretty livid,” Johnson said.

Johnson’s clown was not the only thing recovered from the Kappa Sigma house Wednesday morning. Audra Jones, who lives in Capital Heights, says she was called to campus to retrieve her inflatable minion, Carl. Her doorbell security camera was rolling Wednesday morning when four people pulled up in a truck and kidnapped Carl from her front lawn and took off running down the street. “They have a getaway vehicle and everything,” Jones said.

Jones knows a lot of people who see the video get a good laugh and may even try to pass it off as a prank, but she says it cost her time and money. “I know it’s an inflatable minion. I spent my entire day. That was my entire day off work, and I don’t get that day back,” Jones said.

Kappa Sigma declined to comment.

“I think they should be expelled, and I think they should have some sort of criminal prosecution, whatever is appropriate, for not just one incident, but several. It is also trespassing,” Jones said.

Meanwhile, Johnson has found a creative way to get back at the people who tried to spoil his fun. He says he plans to rent the clown to another fraternity for its Halloween party.

LSU says they have been made aware of the allegations and are investigating.

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