BRPD officer given shorter suspension after incident in which she violated policy

Also, hearing moved for officer involved in Alton Sterling shooting

Civil Service board

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Thursday, the Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Board overturned Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul’s decision and reduced the punishment for an officer who violated department policy.

This happened at an appeal hearing for BRPD Officer Robin Ducote. She was suspended for 30 days for losing her temper and violating conduct of an officer policies. This happened when she responded to a scene where a child was left in a car with two adults, who were passed out from drug use, last year. The civil service board reduced Ducote’s suspension to six days.

“At the time, I didn’t think of child endangerment, but that was in the back of my head, the fact that the kid was in danger due to the situation her parents put her in,” said Ducote.

“We value having police officers who have emotions, who are caring, but those emotions can never outweigh the rights of the people we serve,” said Paul.

The civil service board says according to BRPD guidelines, which take into account Ducote’s record of good conduct with the department, the chief’s recommendation of a 30-day suspension was unwarranted. The board reduced Ducote’s suspension to six days.

The board also moved the hearing for Officer Howie Lake to January of 2019. Lake’s attorney requested the move until after Blane Salamoni’s hearing is held in December. Lake is appealing his three day suspension following an investigation into the death of Alton Sterling.

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