Woman says investment has turned into a nightmare

9News Alert Team: EBR inspection issues

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - “This should have been resolved a long time ago, not two years later.”

When Mei Sun bought a home that flooded in 2016, she was told it was completely renovated. She turned the purchase into a rental property. Unfortunately, it was too late when she learned the previous owner and their contractor did not have the proper permits in place for the repairs. Now, she’s paying the price.

“This already caused me a lot of issues because right now, I can’t afford to open the wall. For me, one is the cost, one is I might lose my tenant,” said Sun.

Sun received a work stop order requiring her to provide electrical and mechanical permits. She says she paid nearly $1,000 for an inspection, but the home failed because inspectors couldn’t see wiring behind the walls. Now, she’s forced to pay the cost to have the walls cut into. “It’s very, very frustrating because you have no help. They give you rules that you need to follow… there’s nobody help you to try to get the issue resolved,” said Sun.

(Source: WAFB)

Sun says she also filed for an affidavit, which would remove any liability from the city, but officials rejected her application. We reached out to the building inspector, who emailed us the following:

“If an inspection had been performed and failed, then a follow-up inspection must be performed, and the option of an affidavit is not allowed. However, the jurisdiction still reserves the right to have a wall or any other concealed area opened to assure the safety and structural integrity of the building.”

But Sun wants the next eager investor to be aware. “People just have to be careful and you know, this is just something unexpected coming out of this,” she said.

We also reached out to Entergy. They say they do not pull meters because of permitting issues unless directed to by the city.

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