KIRAN: Clinton mayor, police chief arrested

Both bonded out Friday afternoon

9News Investigators: Clinton arrests

CLINTON, LA (WAFB) - Clinton Police Chief Fredrick Dunn and Clinton Mayor Lori Ann Bell are now in police custody after turning themselves in Friday morning.

Their arrest warrants were issued earlier Friday morning.

Both are being charged with obtaining leased vehicles by false representation and malfeasance in office.

As the 9News Investigators first reported, there’s an investigation underway into four vehicles that were leased for the Town of Clinton in East Feliciana Parish, what those vehicles were being used for, and what information was provided to the company that leased the vehicles.

In an apparently separate case, investigators on Thursday obtained a search warrant to look into a bank account tied to the Clinton Police Department.

Authorities are trying to determine if Dunn improperly issued checks to himself and others from the department’s narcotics seizure fund, records show. In paperwork filed to obtain a search warrant, investigators said they were “conducting a criminal investigation into certain activities of Frederick Dunn, Town of Clinton Police Chief.” According to the warrant obtained by the 9News Investigators, authorities are looking into a checking account labeled the “Clinton Police Department Narcotics Fund.”

That checking account is at Landmark Bank in Clinton. Certain checks issued from that account appear to have been written to individuals who should not have had a reason to receive the funds, investigators said. In their affidavit to obtain the warrant, authorities said the situation is “at the very least, highly questionable, if not Criminal, conduct.“

District Judge William G. Carmichael approved the warrant Wednesday afternoon. The warrant allows authorities from the East Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office and Louisiana State Police to review all transactions on the account from the date is was opened.

Dunn did not immediately return a message left at his office Thursday afternoon. Both Dunn and Bell bonded out of jail Friday afternoon.

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