Women in Caramel Curves Motorcycle Club are turning heads

Caramel Curves Motorcycle Club: Burning rubber

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A girls-only motorcycle club known as Caramel Curves is leaving its mark across the country. The bikers, who consist of riders from Baton Rouge and New Orleans, were recently featured on The Steve Harvey Show for their love of bikes and community service efforts.

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Caramel Curves

They are fast, flashy, and fly. When the ladies hit the streets on fewer than four wheels, they are turning heads and gaining respect as the girls-only motorcycle club. The group is called the Caramel Curves, named for their complexion, sweet nature. Rider, Denzel Bell, says they can take any curve better than the guys. “Hey, this is something men started doing and we are doing it now,” Bell said.

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The club is known for their signature pink mohawk helmets and stilettos. They also carry biker names like Coco, Tru, and Hoodpriss to match their tempers. Nellie Brooks, or Quiet Storm, says she is calm and observant. “We all have different personalities, but we agree to disagree in situations like, we women,” Bell said.

But don’t let the helmets, hair, and heels fool you. The girls are just as proud of their families and careers. Some of their jobs include movie set stylist, business owner, truck driver, mortician’s assistant, and registered nurse. The Caramel Curves is not just a group of dare devils who do tricks and pop wheelies. Antonia Howard, also known as Sugar, says where they roll, they are mostly known for their community service. “You almost feel like a local celebrity sometimes. Like you will see kids or even grown women give you the thumbs up. We give the Cs and they smile. I feel like we inspire others,” Howard said.

The girls also got the attention of talk show host, Steve Harvey. The ladies and their bikes were invited to Los Angeles, California to share their story with the nation. The ladies presented Harvey with his very own sequined jacket and made him an honorary member.

“If I was in the group and you had to give me a name, what would it be?” Harvey asked.

“You would be Mr. Swagger,” replied Andrea Shepherd, also known as Hoodpriss.

The Caramel Curves admit while fame, glitz, and glam are nice, they want women and young girls to see beyond their bikes. They want them to realize they are a group of ladies chasing new ways to help make the world a better place. “I hope they see some nice, beautiful ladies from different walks of life just trying to make a statement,” said Bell, also known as First Lady Foxy.

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To become a Caramel Curve, a girl must first complete a short and long ride, an obstacle course, and complete 60 hours of community service.

To find out more, visit the Caramel Curves Motorcyle Club on Facebook.

Cheryl Mercedes with members of the Caramel Curves motorcycle group.
Cheryl Mercedes with members of the Caramel Curves motorcycle group. (Source: WAFB)

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