Raising the ‘Barre’ with low impact strength training

Pure Barre fitness studio uses a ballet barre and other light equipment

Raising the ‘Barre’ with low impact strength training
(Source: Pure Barre Baton Rouge)


Pure Barre Baton Rouge

If you’re looking to strengthen and tone your muscles, build endurance or gain flexibility, you might benefit from a Pure Barre class.

The Pure Barre Baton Rouge is located at 3033 Perkins Road, in the popular Perkins Road overpass area of the city, right by I-10, less than a half mile west of the Acadian Thruway.


  • 3033 Perkins Road, Suite B
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Pure Barre is a collection of 45 to 50 minute total body workouts using a series of low impact, isometric movements that are designed to produce results.

You’ll use the ballet barre and other light equipment as you move through class, focusing on different areas of your body. According to a description on the Pure Barre’s website, “your muscles will shake.”

“People see a ballet bar and think, oh my goodness it’s dance. I need to be a dancer. I need to be a ballerina and that’s not true," said Rebecca Lemoine, owner of Pure Barre Baton Rouge talking to WAFB’s Get Fit Red Stick Facebook group.

WATCH LIVE: Today we're inside Pure Barre Baton Rouge, a fitness studio that borrows from ballet to help you burn calories, sculpt muscles, and improve balance and coordination. https://bit.ly/2PrTWyW

Posted by Allison Childers on Wednesday, October 10, 2018

“We use no dance terms and anyone can do it, any ages. We have clients 18 to their seventies.”

Men and women of all fitness levels are welcome in all Pure Barre classes.

Pure Barre is a strengthening and toning workout routine set to the beat of the music so it moves really quickly. Instructors use a lot of isometrics so everything changes every twenty to thirty seconds. The goal is to stay in a pose until your muscles shake.

“I learned how powerful Pure Barre is by taking and teaching classes. As an instructor, I see clients who are giving 150% because they have a true reason and intention for working so hard," said Lemoine.

“Yes-we offer low-impact, full-body workouts, but Pure Barre is so much more. It is a fitness craze unlike any other. With a transformed body and a clear head in under an hour - it doesn’t get much better."

Pure Barre offers traditional and cardio classes and are described as gentle enough for people new to exercise, but also challenging enough for serious athletes.


  • Improves flexibility and strength
  • Barre is used to help with balance (Used with some poses like chair dips)
  • Uses a ball, tube and light hand weights (2 lbs.)


  • Helps you build endurance; more of a power burn, cardio class
  • Uses platform and wrist weights 
  • Recommended for clients interested in weight loss


  • Resistance-based strength training 
  • Uses resistance tubes and sliders
  • Longer, slower movements that tone and strengthen muscles

“Pure Barre is toning based. The small movements are strengthening and also there’s a calorie burn so you’re going to see weight loss if you combine that with healthy eating,” said Lemoine.

“We expect clients to see results in as few as 10 classes.”

Pure Barre classes are designed to make attendees stronger, more toned and more flexible. Floor exercises with light handheld weights build arm strength, and barre exercises improve your thighs, seat, and back. The class ends with ab exercises and a cool down routine.

To try a free week of Pure Barre or sign up for a month of introductory classes, call 225-300-8872 or email batonrouge@purebarre.com.

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