Couple donates $62k to McKinley High athletics department

Nearly half of the money will be used to pay LHSAA fines

Couple donates money to McKinley High

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The administration, faculty, staff, and students at McKinley High School are thanking a very generous couple after they donated tens of thousands of dollars to the school’s athletics department.

Kristina, a 2003 alumna, and John Miremont donated $62,000 to the school. The money will be used as follows:

  • Shoulder pads, helmets, shorts, shirts, and socks for 75 students - $31,000
  • Athletic meals - $10,000
  • LHSAA fines - $20,000

The Miremonts stepped up after LHSAA slapped McKinley with a $20,000 fine and one-year playoff ban. The sanctions were mostly for paperwork violations.

“The only thing I could think about, the only person getting hurt in this was the kids, and I didn’t think it was fair for the kids to get hurt,” John said. “So I told the coach and the principal, ‘We gonna' make this right.’”

“We are so grateful and thankful to John and Kristina Miremont for their gracious donations. The donations show our students that there are great people in the world that are willing to support McKinley High School students to be successful and overcome any obstacles presented in their path,” said Dr. Esrom D. Pitre, principal of McKinley High.

Senior linebacker Gavin Bonilla is also a state wrestling champ. He told our Sportsline Summer Camp crew he was devastated to not be able to defend his title this year.

“It’s been rough to say the least,” he said in August. “I mean, the only thing we can do as players is just show up and give 100 percent and then get ready to do it again the next day.”

But thanks to the Miremonts, Bonilla now has an even bigger opportunity.

“There’s a national championship in Virginia, and I’m gonna' send him there,” John said. “That poor guy can’t compete statewide? Well he’s gonna' compete nationally and get the recognition that he deserves. He’s worked his whole high school career for this.”

Pitre says the couple’s generosity is the ultimate teaching moment for McKinley students.

“It’s always good to reach out and try to help others when you can, and Mr. Miremont came in and showed exactly how that works, so we’ve been talking to the kids about that a whole lot,” he said.

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