Choucroute Garni

Stirrin' It Up: Choucroute Garni (Oct. 10, 2017)

Air date: October 10, 2017. Source: Chef John Folse

Prep Time: 2 Hours

Yields: 8 Servings


Sauerkraut is one of the most underrated dishes in the South. Most southerners are reminded of the sour, bitter kraut they were served during their elementary school days, rather than the richly garnished sauerkraut of Alsace Lorraine, France. It is a classic and well worth the effort! Use a German beer such as the Covington, Louisiana-based Heiner Brau to make this dish even better. Don't forget to check out the delicious sauerkraut at this year's New Orleans Oktoberfest Celebrations presented by Deutsches Haus–theirs may even rival mine!


3 (32-ounce) jars Vlassic® sauerkraut

½ pound cubed bacon

3 links heavy-smoked sausage, cooked

1 bone-in ham steak

8 thinly sliced pork chops

2 cups diced onions

¼ cup minced garlic

8 small potatoes, quartered

1½ tbsps flour

salt and black pepper to taste

6 (6-inch) Bratwursts

1 quart chicken stock

1 (12-ounce) bottle beer

1 cup dry white wine

2 small bay leaves

6 juniper berries


The secret to great sauerkraut is removing the sour brine from cabbage. Prior to cooking, rinse product under cold running water 2–3 times and drain well. In a medium sauté pan, sweat the onions and garlic without adding any color and set aside. In another medium sauté pan, render the fat from the bacon without adding any color then set aside. In a large Dutch oven, place a layer of sauerkraut, bacon, sausage, ham steak, pork chops, onions, garlic, potatoes, flour, salt and black pepper in the pot. Continue to layer ingredients until all the ingredients are used. Arrange the Bratwursts on top of the other ingredients. Add chicken stock, beer, wine, bay leaves and juniper berries. Bring mixture to a rolling boil then reduce heat to a simmer. Cover pot with a sheet of aluminum foil and then the lid. Simmer 1½ hours. You may need to turn the Bratwursts over during cooking process to ensure that it cooks all the way through. Serve with equal portions of meat and sauerkraut.