Advanced scare tactics earn Baton Rouge’s 13th Gate a top spot among country’s best haunted attractions

Advanced scare tactics earn Baton Rouge’s 13th Gate a top spot among country’s best haunted attractions
(Source: America Haunts)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Thrill seekers venture out each year to find that bone-chilling scare, and America Haunts, the nation’s leading haunt industry association, has put together the 2018 list of scariest attractions.

The 13th Gate in Baton Rouge has earned the #4 spot on the list of terrifying attractions across the country. America Haunt says their top four most innovative, fear-based attractions collectively entertain more than 200,000 people across the country. They say while most haunted attractions use a mixture of darkness, staged props, live actors, and special effects, the truly amazing attractions take their offerings to another level, with things such as interactive holograms, magical illusions, and stunningly realistic makeup.

The 2018 innovative haunts for fear-based entertainment in the U.S. are:

  1. NETHERWORLD Stone Mountain, Georgia (Atlanta metro): Founded by film and television professionals, Netherworld has been considered one of the top innovators in the Haunted Attraction industry for decades. NETHERWORLD was one of the first attractions to use original high-quality special effect foam and silicone monsters and developed massive moving scares that immerse the customer. The attraction created dozens of unique and terrifying stunts for its actors, and digs deep into themes and story lines far more complex than your average haunt. Complete attention to detail and a history of sharing its knowledge with the industry in seminars, articles, and leadership earn this first-class attraction the number one spot.
  2. Cutting Edge Fort Worth, Texas: This world-record largest haunted house isn’t just called Cutting Edge because it is in an abandoned meat-packing factory. Its innovation is literally cutting edge. As a working factory it packs some special effect punches so realistic that people frantically run fearing they’ll end up on a beef hook. The illusions don’t stop in the cemetery with the undead and what lurks in the Jurassic-style swamp. While visitors try to gather their senses, a variety of bands and a drum band line raise their pulses with musical beats that intensify this sensory experience.
  3. 13th Floor San Antonio, Texas: Visitors get thrills and psychological horror intensified by a pulsating, state-of-the-art sound system at 13th Floor. Their animatronics have built-in technology that can see, hear, and move with automated and remote controls responsive to passerby actions. Further surprises come from inside their laser swamp that makes it impossible for visitors to see below their waists - thereby making a haven for petrifying monsters to emerge.
  4. 13th Gate Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Known for its ultra-realism and detail, this haunt blurs the lines between nightmares and reality. Forty-thousand square feet of scary additions to their nightmare factory will carve new nightmares for their victims coupled with newly added CarnEvil, a haunted midway full of twisted sideshows, creepy characters, virtual reality games, one-of-a-kind escape rooms, and nightly concerts to give a new spin on fear across their landscape.
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