LSU leasing office space on campus for the first time

University hopes to convert portion of campus into research district

Emerging LSU

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Louisiana State University (LSU) has put more than 16,000 square feet of class A office space on the market for lease. It’s the first time LSU has opened its space up to outside tenants, although other business partners occupy space near the facility.

School officials say they hope to convert the space into a research district where businesses could partner with the university to offer internships and research opportunities for LSU students. The space is located in the Louisiana Emerging Technology Center on the campus’s southern edge, across from a number of dorms and a short distance from the recreation center.

“The goal here is to create an innovation space where private industry can connect with LSU on-campus, access talent, work with researchers, and create an innovation hub to interact with the university,” said Gateway Development and Facility Services director, Dominick Costanza. “It’s truly a superior location.”

LSU tasked Costanza’s organization with re-imagining the facility to foster creativity and collaboration. The building was initially designed for biomedical research, including a number of chemical laboratories.

In the last year, the university has stripped most of the bottom floor of the building down to the studs to create the office space. They are leaving the shell unfinished so potential tenants can have some control over the remaining design of the space.

“LSU is committed and they understand the value of private industry and their role in commercializing technology,” Costanza said. “They’re looking at creating an environment that is cohesive and connects industry with researchers and accelerates the commercialization of technology.”

The facility is listed with Latter & Blum for $26.50 per square foot. Blueprints and more detailed leasing information is available here.

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