Sportsline Players of the Week: Catholic’s O-Line and RB Joshua Parker

Sportsline Players of the Week Catholics O-Line and RB Joshua Parker

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Sportsline Player of the Week is something 9Sports has been doing for 30 years, but rarely is something like this seen.

Call 'em the comeback kids. Catholic trailed St. Thomas More 29-7 in the first quarter Friday night. But behind an offensive line of Hunter Chauncy, Joe Alexander, Brian Hibbard, Thomas Beale, and Truett Bankston, the Bears battered the Cougars.

Joshua Parker’s incredible effort behind them produced four rushing touchdowns on 23 carries for 192 yards. Catholic High outscored STM 45-14 the next three quarters to take an eye-popping 52-43 road win to remember.

“Being down in the first quarter like that, it never really crossed my mind that we might lose," said head coach Gabe Fertitta. “Our kids play hard all the time. As the game went on and we were able to lean on them a little bit more and more, particularly on offense with the offensive linemen and then Josh running the ball.”

“The blocking was awesome, honestly, because anyone could run through those holes," added junior running back Joshua Parker. “And I give all my thanks to my offensive line.”

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“Even though we were down, we wanted to make sure we fought through," said senior offensive tackle Hunter Chauncy. “Knowing that we were more conditioned than them and they really couldn’t handle the speed we were working at.”

"The offensive line is something we pride ourselves on around here and those guys don’t really get any recognition, unless they do something wrong,” Fertitta explained.

Except for this time, because 9Sports is proud to honor Chauncy and the rest of the big guys on the Bears up front, right along with running back Josh Parker, who ran crazy behind them, as Sportsline Players of the Week.

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