LSU Geaux Vote registers hundreds of students to vote

LSU Geaux Vote registers hundreds of students to vote

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - LSU students working to encourage political engagement registered more than 300 other students to vote Tuesday in honor of National Voter Registration Day. This year, the Geaux Vote initiative has registered more than 1,000 students.

“You don’t let your grandparents pick out what you wear,” student worker, Zoe Williamson, said. “You don’t let your grandparents pick out what music you listen to, so why would you let your grandparents pick who’s going to be choosing your future?”

Geaux Vote has partnered with LSU’s student government to launch an online voter registration service through TurboVote, a program that simplifies the registration process. Without TurboVote, young voters can have a hard time registering during the semester because they reside near their school, away from their home address in a different voting district.

Student workers at LSU posted QR codes with links to the registration portal around campus and passed out raffle tickets to the students who signed up.

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LSU Student Government Vice President Rachel Campbell says it’s important for students to take advantage of their representation in government.

“Take, for example, TOPS,” Campbell said. “That’s determined by our state legislature and we vote on those state legislators to represent us. They determine the funding for those scholarships that directly affect us.”

“I believe someone who is engaged is, not only better informed, but they hold their elected officials accountable for the promises they make and run on,” said Rep. Barry Ivey, R-Baton Rouge, who helped pass out fliers on campus. “Absent that engagement, you get a continuum of elected officials who do not care about what their constituents think because they don’t ever hear from them.”

LSU student government’s work is part of a larger effort to register students to vote using their campus addresses, which could justify a centralized polling center on campus. Right now, LSU’s campus sprawls across two different voting districts, which can complicate voting for some students.

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