Graduate misprinted as ‘loser’ high school yearbook

Graduate misprinted as ‘loser’ high school yearbook
(Source: Mia Bourgeois/Facebook)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Morgan City High School is recalling its 2017-2018 yearbooks after one student was misquoted as a “loser,” according to a report by KATC-TV.

Class of 2018 graduate Mia Bourgeois says she did not write the quote that is by her name in the yearbook.

Mia Bourgeois, who now attends Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, says her quote should have been a text emoji but instead featured the quote “Nobody would guess anything because I’m a loser.”

She discovered that had been misquoted while flipping through the pages of the yearbook while in her college dorm room.

Bourgeois’ parents are disappointed because this was one of Mia’s last memories as a high school student.

“This was her senior yearbook. She spent four years in high school, and now, the biggest thing in her mind about high school is going to be this horrible quote put under her picture, and I mean how is that? You can’t take that back,” Mia’s mother, Stefani Warner Bourgeois told KATC.

The school apologized for the misprint of the quote when the school’s principal and teacher of the yearbook committee met with the Bourgeois on Wednesday.

However, the Bourgeois still have concerns.

“What kind of baffles me is that it’s a yearbook; there are lots of quotes and everything else. And, I know its hard to go through it all, but if you see something like that, it should raise a red flag,” Mia’s father, Randy Bourgeois said.

Mia told KATC she is thankful for the “overwhelming support” from former classmates and strangers. She hopes whoever is responsible for the misprint is held responsible.

“My first thought was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m so embarrassed. People are going to laugh at me.’ But, the amount of support I got erased any thoughts of me being embarrassed. I mean, it still is slightly embarrassing for this to happen, but it’s not nearly as embarrassing if people actually thought it was funny,” Mia Bourgeois said.

St. Mary Parish Superintendent Lenny Armato deferred comment to the principal of Morgan City High School.

The high school is asking current and former students to return their yearbooks to the school by Friday. The school plans to make corrections early next week and return the yearbook back to students.

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