Mother claims her son was gang raped in Washington Parish Jail

State Police, FBI investigating

Mother claims her son was gang raped in Washington Parish Jail

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) -“The way I found out about this was on Facebook,” says a mother.

FOX 8 will not identify the woman who says she wants answers after hearing her son might have been a victim of sexual assault inside the Washington Parish Jail.

Friday morning, she was able to see and talk to him at the jail for the first time nearly two weeks after the alleged attack.

“He told me that he was violated. He said he was in a cell by himself. He said they put 15 inmates in there with him, and then they took some of them out and left seven inmates in there. Those seven and the guards knew it was happening, and he said they didn’t do anything. They just laughed and cheered,” says the mother.

She says her son told her he was sexually attacked while the guards watched.

“They put a thing over his head, a blanket or something. The violated him,” says the woman.

The mother reached out to the Sheriff’s Office, and says she spoke to Sheriff Randy Seal on the phone.

“He admitted something happened, and he tried to apologize for it. He said he was sorry that my son got violated. He was sorry that this happened. He said, ‘I’ve fired two of the guards.’ He said he don’t tolerate stuff like this,” says the mother.

The Sheriff’s Office confirmed there was an incident, but wouldn’t say what happened or whether the guards were fired.

They’ve turned over all the information to the Louisiana State Police. State Police would only say it’s investigating an incident at the Washington Parish Jail, along with the FBI.

“I want justice done for my son. That wasn’t right. It really wasn’t right,” says the mother.

The mom says her son didn’t look well this morning, and she’s worried about his safety.

“Mentally, he is not stable. He was shaking, and he could hardly talk to me. It was like he was embarrassed to see me,” says the mother.

Her son is in jail on an identity theft charge, and she says he isn’t a violent person.

“I was really nervous about coming down here and seeing him. When I saw him the way he was it really broke my heart, and there’s nothing I can do. I don’t know what to do,” says the woman.

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