Louisiana ranked #1 for bullying, Webster Parish mother speaks out

Louisiana ranked #1 for bullying, Webster Parish mother speaks out
Louisiana ranks #1 for bullying, Mother speaks out

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Sent off to school feeling just fine, a Webster Parish second grader came back home not feeling well. That’s when he then told his mother that he had a bad day claiming he was bullied by three older students during recess on the playground. The second grader and his mother’s identities have been asked not to be revealed.

“After he was hit, the kids knocked him down and made him hit the ground and he completely blacked out. I took him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a concussion and had to stay overnight and be observed," according to the mother.

On top of that, what made the situation worse, the woman’s son had surgery last November.

“The kids hit him in the back of the head where his scar is. There’s about that much where he was hit of his skull missing," says the mother pointing to the large scar on the back of her son’s head.

Another parent who moved her ninth grader son from Home school to a Webster Parish School claims he has experienced being bullied as well.

“Then he gets attacked from behind, face down on the ground, and choked until he almost passed out," says the mother with tears filling up in her eyes.

The Webster Parish School Board released a statement saying,

“The administration at JL Jones Elementary School is thoroughly investigating this situation. Webster Parish School Board policy has been closely adhered to during this time. The safety and well-being of all of our students is extremely important to us.”

Both parents want the bullying to stop, especially with a new study released by Wallet Hub that ranks Louisiana as the number one state in the country with the most bullying issues. According to Wallet Hub, the state has the highest percentage of students attempting to commit suicide, missing school due to fear, and getting into physical fights.

“It seems like my kids aren’t safe in these schools at all. They say that they’re against bullying, but they don’t do anything to prevent it," the second grader’s mother says.

Ever since the new study released last week, the change began at Shreveport anti-bullying cook-off event held by the Pathways of Education in Louisiana.

All proceeds from the chicken cook-off will go towards a one week hands-on workshop to educate teachers, parents, and students on anti-bullying.

“We often get students that come into our school or all over Caddo Parish that had severe bullying since elementary school, and we just want to try to counteract that and raise awareness for anti-bullying," says Billy Anderson of Pathways of Louisiana.

That’s good news for concerned parents.

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