Are you sharing your location on social media?

Are you sharing your location on social media?
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(WBRC) - Parents in one California town are uneasy after a nude man broke into a home and proceeded to go to a 13-year-old girl’s room.

Police say the man was able to track the girl, and others, through Instagram and other social media posts. It’s a cautionary tale for parents.

Police say you should never give away too much information about yourself or your current location in posts.

“We’ve got to not post our life schedule on social media because that’s going to make it easier for these terrible bad guys to do something,” said Irondale Detective Sgt. Michael Mangina.

You also need to make sure your social networks aren’t giving away your location without you knowing about it.

“I think you really just need to limit your social media apps from knowing your location. You need to make sure your location services are turned off,” said Hunter Hudson, with Threat Advice.

Here’s how to turn off your location on an iPhone:

  • Go to “settings,” “privacy,” and then “location services”
  • Then find your social media apps
  • Open each one and make sure “never” is selected

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