HAND IT ON: Daniel Wilson

HAND IT ON: Daniel Wilson
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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - We always like it when we can highlight random acts of kindness in our community and it was the kindness of a total stranger that led to this Hand It On.

“Very quickly, I realized how unprepared I was for the situation,” said Jonathan Pocorello.

He had a blowout that left him stranded on the side of a very busy two-lane street near Port Vincent.

“I didn’t have a spare and I didn’t have the right size tire iron,” Pocorello added.

“And I passed by a gentleman on the side of the road and he was on his cell phone,” said Daniel Wilson. “I saw he had a flat tire.”

HAND IT ON: Daniel Wilson

Wilson was on his way to get gas for his lawnmower. Seeing that Pocorello was on the side of a very dangerous stretch of road, Wilson stopped to help.

“They didn’t have a lug wrench. They didn’t have a spare tire. And he had a Dodge truck and I have a Dodge truck. So, I pulled over and we took my spare off. So, I told him to go on, take it home, and get your wheel fixed," Wilson added.

“I come from a pretty bad background, as far as the way I used to live my life. And it was people like him that reached out for no other reason than it’s what’s in their heart. And it turns people’s life around, ya know?” Pocorello explained.

Pocorello wanted to thank Wilson for his random act of kindness and our Hand It On crew tagged along.

“I cleaned my act up and got where I am and the only reason I got there was because of kindness from people like you. People that gave people like me an opportunity. So, I reached out to them and this is what they provided to give to you for your kindness. And you deserve every bit of it 'cause, not all heroes wear capes,” Pocorello told Wilson and handed him the $300 from Hand It On.

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