Former Patterson police officer accused of sexual harassment speaks out

Former Patterson police officer accused of sexual harassment speaks out

PATTERSON, LA (WAFB) - A former high-ranking Patterson police officer who was fired for alleged sexual harassment spoke to 9News about the incident. Kirby Madison claims he is a victim of discrimination and harassment and said he is taking the City to court.

Former Corporal Madison, a 20-year veteran of the department, has been out of a job since November 2017. He was fired after former dispatcher Samantha Mincey filed a sexual harassment complaint against him. Her attorney claimed Madison grabbed his genitals and said something inappropriate toward her in response to Mincey, calling Madison a "black ****er." Both were suspended immediately for "conduct unbecoming of a police officer". A year later, Mayor Rodney Grogan fired Madison citing sexual harassment as the reason.

Corporal Madison said he was stunned.

"I find out three days before I got fired that I was going to be terminated for sexual harassment. I said, sexual harassment? Nothing was brought to our attention for sexual harassment," Madison said.

The mayor told us he fired Mincey in January for poor job performance. Madison said, while he is not sure why Mincey decided to share her story now, he is more interested in clearing his name and getting back to work.

"It's hard. I can't get a job. I got this over my head," Madison said.

Madison has filed a civil suit in federal court alleging he was racially harassed and discriminated against by Mincey and other city officials.

His attorney, Jill Craft, said the City of Patterson unlawfully punished her client, and that Madison should have never been fired for sexual harassment.

According to the lawsuit, at no time was Madison afforded the right to counsel. Furthermore, Craft said, the mayor reopened the investigation into the alleged genital-grabbing incident, which had already been dealt with.

"He has lost his job for the same alleged singular incident," Craft said.

Craft said Mayor Grogan terminated Madison without telling him his rights, the nature of any investigation, who's conducted it and what the results were- which by law, must be done within 60 days of the incident.

"One thing Mr. Madison is seeking is to be treated like all other police officers. The law is on the books for a reason," Craft said.

The mayor filed a motion to have Madison's lawsuit dismissed. It was denied.

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