One of two Baker deputy marshals pulled off the streets back after passing psychological exam

One of two Baker deputy marshals pulled off the streets back after passing psychological exam


One of the two deputy marshals who were pulled off the streets because they did not pass a psychological exam, is now back on the job.

Derrick Bryant and Donald Grim were both pulled off the Baker Police Department back in June. Bryant took the test and passed and has returned to being a deputy marshal.

No word from both the city's mayor or police chief on whether Grim failed or took the test, but he is not back as a deputy marshal.


After a 9News investigation last month into two Baker deputy marshals, Derrick Bryant and Donald Grim took a psychological exam on Tuesday according to Mayor Darnell Waites.

Both men, Bryant and Grim, were pulled off the streets after a 9News investigation on June 25 that brought to light that Baker Police Chief and Marshal Carl Dunn hired the two men even though they did not pass the psychological exam, also known as the Matrix exam.

Prior to any officer or deputy marshal receiving a badge and a gun, Chief Psychologist Dr. William Gouvier says it's highly recommended they pass a psychological exam.

The exam puts the applicants through a series of evaluations and can statistically determine whether an applicant might function under pressure. The possible results of that test are "a clear pass, a clear fail or a pass with recommendations with specific areas of liability to be addressed," said Dr. Gouvier.

If an applicant fails the exam, Dr. Gouvier said he recommends to the department that they do not hire the officer.

"Because those officers, by virtue of failing the exam, have already been identified as riskier hires than the typical officer and as riskier hires, they're more likely to either get the department, themselves, or their community in trouble or allow fellow officers or citizens to possibly be harmed or injured by virtue of their misbehavior," said Dr. Gouvier.

Numerous sources told the 9News Investigators Bryant and Grim took the exam but failed, and were hired as deputy marshals regardless. Mayor Waites said he did not know if they failed it or never took it. "Either way, they do not have a psychological evaluation," said Mayor Waites.

Marshal Dunn said the men were given a gun and jobs as deputy marshals soon after he came in office in 2016, adding both men had helped him on the campaign trail when he ran for Baker police chief.

Mayor Waites learned the two men were working for the city without having passed the psychological exams from the 9News Investigators and immediately pulled the duo off the streets saying it was a liability on the city.

Mayor Waites had ordered the men take the test on June 26, the day after our initial report but sources said the men said they were stressed out from our report and had decided to wait till the following week to take the exam.

Instead, nearly a month later, on July 24, the duo took part one of the exam and have yet to take part two.

The men remain off the streets until they pass the psychological exam.

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