FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain chances likely

Likely rain chances remain in the forecast through Thursday.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Soggy weather coming our way this week

A soggy weather pattern is back for the local area over the next 7 to 10 days. A trough of low pressure is breaking down the ridge that has dominated our weather pattern over the last week, keeping rain coverage to the scattered category.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain chances increase for weekend

Scattered rains developed across the WAFB viewing area Friday afternoon, but we expect that activity to subside as we head into the evening.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: High afternoon temps for the last day of summer

Good Morning! We finally broke the string of 95°+ high temperatures Thursday when we only reached 92°!

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Say goodbye to mid to upper 90s

Maybe the best weather news of the day is that we finally get to say goodbye to those mid and upper 90s.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Unusually hot Sept. weather continues

As of mid-morning, under mostly fair skies, our temperature had already hit the mid 80s and the "feels like" read in the mid-90s. So, this unusually hot September weather continues.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Temps continue to be unexpectedly high for this time of year

Extreme heat was back once again Wednesday afternoon, with temperatures returning to the mid 90s for the sixth consecutive day at Baton Rouge’s Metro Airport.

FIRST ALERT WEATHER: Flirting with record high again

It’s hard to believe we’re merely days away from the start of the autumn season. It seems like summer isn’t ready to let go quite yet.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Serious heat, scattered rain continues

Even with a few showers popping up around the WAFB area Tuesday afternoon, extreme heat was once again the day’s main weather story as Baton Rouge returned to the mid 90s for the fifth consecutive day.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Warmer than normal

It looks like our string of hot mid-September days will continue. In fact, we missed tying a record high by only two degrees Monday afternoon when the temperature topped out at 96.

Florence’s deluge raises death toll to 32

Historic and likely catastrophic flooding is expected, as dams and levees threaten to fail and rivers have not yet crested across the Carolinas.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Monday temp almost reaches record high for September

We didn’t reach the record high for Monday (98°, set in 1927), but we were uncomfortably close with highs in the mid to upper 90s around most of the WAFB region.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Quiet and steamy start; afternoon showers/storms possible

It’s a quiet but rather steamy out-the-door on this September morning, with temperatures starting out in the mid/upper 70s and winding up in the mid-90s.

Florence brings heavy rains, dangerous flooding even as it weakens

Officials say the biggest worry in coming days is the flooding of inland rivers across North and South Carolina and Virginia.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Last week of summer will definitely feel like it

The last week of summer will definitely feel like it.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Hot and muggy weather coming up this week

The weather will be staying hot and muggy over the next several days. Highs will top out in the mid 90s with feels like temperatures eclipsing the triple digits each afternoon Sunday through Tuesday.

FIRST ALERT OVERNIGHT FORECAST: Dry through Sunday morning

A few lingering evening t-showers will be possible. Activity will come to an end late this evening and it will stay dry through Sunday morning.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Afternoon storms this weekend as Florence gushes the Carolinas

Saturday will be a little wetter than Sunday as it stands right now. Scattered to numerous showers and t-storms are expected to develop during the late afternoon into the early evening. That means we could see some passing t-showers for the Southern University home opener tonight at 6 p.m.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Quiet Friday weather as Florence moves ashore on east coast

Enjoy a nice, quiet Friday morning drive with only a few patches of fog expected. Otherwise, all is quiet for the time being on FIRST ALERT Doppler radar!

Hurricane Florence becomes Category 1; outer bands lash coast, catastrophic flooding expected

The impact of Florence will be widespread, with forecasters saying the biggest concerns are the hurricane's torrential rainfall, life-threatening storm surge and potential for flash flooding.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Low rain chances all next week

Scattered showers and a few storms rolled in from the east and southeast on Thursday in a bit of a combination between an onshore/sea breeze flow augmented by an outer rain band in the broad circulation associated with Invest 95L.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Mid/late afternoon showers/storms

Our local forecast continues to bring showers/storms into our viewing area by mid/late afternoon, though coverage won’t be widespread.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Drier weather expected through weekend, next week

Wednesday was considerably quieter on Doppler radar compared to previous days, and that may be a good omen. Our forecast for the coming days calls for a drier weather pattern for the WAFB region, especially by the end of the weekend.

Mississippi River on the rise, but no cause for concern

The Mississippi River is predicted reach its crest in the coming days, but that should not be cause for panic for residents in Baton Rouge. Here’s why.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Afternoon showers/storms possible, a few storms could be strong

It’s another quiet late summer morning throughout southeast Louisiana and southwest Mississippi.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Disturbance in Gulf could strengthen to tropical depression

A disturbance currently near the Yucatan Peninsula - tagged as Invest 95L by the National Hurricane Center - is looking more and more like it will become a tropical depression or possibly even a tropical storm (“Joyce”) over the next few days as it moves into the western Gulf.

Invest 95L shows no significant strengthening

The National Hurricane Center has increased the development chances to 70 percent with Invest 95L. Forecasters said a tropical depression is likely to form in the Gulf by Thursday night.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain chances increasing throughout the day

There isn’t much activity yet on FIRST ALERT Doppler radar, but as in the past few days, that will certainly change later.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rainy afternoons expected; lots of action in the tropics

For many WAFB neighborhoods, Monday’s rains were a little late in arriving and that means scattered rains extending well into the evening. Most of those rains should come to an end by the late evening.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Mainly dry start, afternoon showers/storms

A few spotty showers are showing up early on FIRST ALERT Doppler radar but overall, the majority of commuters will have dry weather for the early drive.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Keep the umbrella handy

A weak cold front will be slowly slipping into the area to start the work/school week.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Tropics are heating up

We will once again be dodging scattered showers and t-storms to end the weekend.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Scattered, mainly afternoon showers coming for weekend

Friday afternoon showers and storms will subside as we head into the evening and we should be mainly dry later Friday evening and overnight.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Numerous showers/storms possible

What is left of Tropical Depression Gordon continues to steadily move to the northwest, away from southeast Louisiana and southwest Mississippi. However, we're still looking at the potential for numerous showers/storms later Thursday.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Weather improving for Wednesday

Tropical Storm Gordon made landfall late Tuesday night just west of the Mississippi-Alabama state line as a strong tropical storm.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Tropical storm watches issued as PTC #7 forms in Gulf

This designation allows the National Hurricane Center to issue tropical watches and warnings