FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Severe weather risk for Saturday

A very warm, moist, and unstable atmosphere will be in place today. A risk for severe weather is in place this afternoon as a squall line, associated with a cold front, pushes through the area during the mid to late afternoon.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Watch for areas of patchy fog

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Don’t forget the umbrella

Are we done with freezes for the winter in Baton Rouge?

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Don’t put away the umbrella

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain chances increase as the day goes on

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Low-end risk of severe weather Tuesday

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FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Considerably cooler day

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Drizzly and rainy Sunday

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Expect fog this weekend

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Mainly dry and cloudy Saturday

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Mild temps, spotty showers expected for weekend

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Isolated light showers this afternoon

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Considerably warmer winter morning

Friday morning will deliver a pair of possible weather issues: patchy fog and isolated, light showers.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Valentine’s Day forecast

It would be almost impossible to complain about Wednesday’s sunshine, blue skies, and afternoon temperatures in the 60s, especially given this is mid-February. Of course, you know this great stuff can’t last very long.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Enjoy sunny skies

After a wet start to Tuesday, rains have shifted east and the clouds will be thinning through the evening. Skies should be clear across the entire WAFB area by later in the night.


Fog, and showers are in the forecast for the next few days.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain, cold ahead

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Dense fog advisory

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Cloudy Sunday with low chance of rain

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Chilly start to Sunday

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Winter-like weather this weekend

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Cool and breezy Friday evening


A cold front will roll through the WAFB viewing area Thursday evening, a little earlier than we had expected. While we could see some scattered rains during the evening commute, this front will not be much of a rainmaker.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Only one more unseasonably warm day before cold front

The First Alert Forecast calls for another round of patchy fog for Thursday morning with daybreak temperatures in the mid to upper 60s for most of the WAFB viewing area.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: No umbrella needed today

Spring-like temperatures will persist Wednesday and Thursday. Both mornings will start out in the 60s, with afternoon highs expected to reach the upper 70s for many WAFB communities.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Keep the umbrella handy

Tuesday morning, however, could be a bit of a mess. Be ready for scattered showers, a few rumbles of thunder, and even some areas of fog to start the day.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Keep the umbrella handy

There’s a 40 to 50 percent coverage of showers in the forecast later today.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Dense fog advisory

After a foggy morning start, expect clouds to hang around most of the day. We might squeeze out a stray shower, but the vast majority will stay dry to end the weekend.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Foggy mornings to begin the week

Monday morning will be another foggy start with pockets of thick fog. We’ll also have to contend with passing rain showers. Most will be in the form of light rain or mist. Temperatures will be mild to start in the low 60s.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Clear Saturday with warmer temperatures

Temperatures will be much warmer than normal as we roll through the first week of February. Afternoon temperatures today will top out at or very near 70 degrees. A sun/cloud mix is expected today as a weak mid-level disturbance passes the area.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Dense fog could be an issue

The biggest weather issue as we look to close out the weekend appears to be fog. Weather model forecasts are showing the potential for dense fog to form overnight into Sunday morning.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Warmer than normal temps expected for weekend

We spent the better part of Friday under the clouds with a few showers rolling through around midday. While we expect skies to remain mostly cloudy through the evening, just about everyone stays dry with evening temperatures in the 50s.

FIRST ALERT WEATHER: Significantly warmer, cloudy

It’s nice to talk about a bit of a winter warming trend in the form of a high this afternoon of 66 degrees, with perhaps an isolated shower or two.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Warming trend continues

Unfortunately for many, the warming comes with increasing rain chances.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Warming up after chilly start

It was a nice, quiet morning on FIRST ALERT Doppler radar throughout southeast Louisiana and southwest Mississippi.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Warming trend begins after bitter cold

Most of us are glad the winter weather threats for Tuesday (snow?) and Wednesday (bitter cold?) weren’t as bad as some of the guidance suggested. Now, we swing into the other direction.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Cloudy, with light winds

Overall, cloudy skies have been the rule since late last night across our viewing area and, as a result, played a role in keeping early temperatures somewhat warmer than previously expected.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Widespread freezing temps expected Wed. morning

A widespread freeze will greet the Baton Rouge area Wednesday morning, but the good news is for the vast majority of communities, it will be a light freeze.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Cold will stick around, but not for long

Light rain fell early on FIRST ALERT Doppler radar, with not much in the way of snow flurries along the Louisiana-Mississippi state line.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Extreme cold on the way; slim chance of snow

Our latest round of models shows a consensus that many WAFB neighborhoods along and north of the I-10/12 corridor may very well see some type of frozen precipitation in the morning, if only briefly.

Shelters opening in Baton Rouge ahead of extreme cold weather

As temperatures begin to drop in the Baton Rouge area, the Salvation Army is opening its cold weather shelter for men.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: BIG changes coming; Winter Weather Advisory for some

After a very nice weekend and a relatively quiet weather day today, our forecast is certainly changing.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Bitterly cold, light snow possible Tuesday

A rain/snow wintry mix for parts of metro Baton Rouge and closer to the state line is expected to arrive early Tuesday morning.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Nice Sunday weather before Arctic cold front sweeps area this week

Really nice weather will remain for the next two days before things go off the rails so to speak. Temperatures will be very comfortable during the afternoon today as highs reach the low to mid 60s.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Mix of rain snow likely to arrive Tuesday

Areas especially north of Baton Rouge look to see some wintry precipitation.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Comfortably cool weekend weather before Arctic cold front comes in early next week

There shouldn’t be many complaints about the weather this weekend. Temperatures will be chilly during the morning hours Saturday and Sunday but warm up nicely into the afternoon.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Cool, sunny weekend on the way

The weekend forecast is a good one, with an afternoon high near 60° under partly cloudy skies Saturday and highs in the low 60s under fair skies for Sunday too. This will be a weekend to get outside and get any mid-winter work done.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Cool; lots of sunshine

After another colder than normal late January morning throughout southeast Louisiana (which included a light freeze and patchy frost), temperatures that dropped into the lower 30s will gradually rebound into the upper 50s.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Another cold start expected Friday

Many WAFB neighborhoods started Thursday with a light freeze and it looks like areas along and north of the I-10/12 corridor may experience the same thing Friday morning.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Sunny but chilly

So far, it’s been a sunny but very chilly January morning, with early temperatures dropping into the upper 20s to lower 30s throughout southeast Louisiana and southwest Mississippi.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Pair of cold mornings ahead; light freeze expected

The last of the showers will taper off into Wednesday evening with skies clearing overnight. That sets us up for a cold start Thursday with a light freeze expected for the Capital City.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain throughout the day

Showers are already showing up early on FIRST ALERT Doppler radar and the mild morning temperature will drop some 20 degrees by the late afternoon commute.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain likely Wednesday

Rains will be increasing overnight, with rain likely for much of Wednesday.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Much warmer; rain chances increase overnight

So far, it’s been a mild January morning, with temperatures noticeably warmer than just a day ago. But unfortunately, the current “spring like” weather won’t last much longer.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Clouds returning, temps in low 50s

Clouds will be returning this evening with skies becoming mostly cloudy skies tonight.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Cold, with ‘feels-like’ in 20s

It’s a cold start to your Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. "Officially," temperatures have been at or below freezing since midnight in the metro area, with a “wind chill” reported in the mid-20s.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Weather perfect for local viewing of Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Eclipse

The weather late Sunday night should be cold but fine to view the lunar eclipse. The eclipse peaks locally just after 11 PM.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Light morning freeze, sunny and breezy early

Today is going to be a chilly day as winds stay elevated keeping a definite chill in the air. Actual air temperatures are not likely to warm up much today topping out in the mid 40s this afternoon.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Overcast skies for Saturday; Temps to further drop tonight

Saturday’s storms had moved east of the viewing area before noon and the WAFB area enjoyed some periods of sunshine during the afternoon. Temperatures began falling at mid-day and will continue through the evening.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Strong morning thunderstorms to start off weekend; Tornado watch until 1 p.m.

A line of strong morning t-storms has started our weekend off on the rocky side. The good news is by afternoon the weather will be dry. Winds will stay breezy today and temperatures will be falling through the afternoon.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Slight risk of severe weather Saturday

Temperatures will stay in the mid 60s through Friday evening, overnight, and into early Saturday as we await the widespread showers and storms linked to the morning cold front passage.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Dense Fog Gives Way To Mild Friday, Rainy Saturday

Skies will remain mostly cloudy into the evening, with clouds potentially thinning a bit during the overnight hours. That could set the stage for areas of dense fog Friday morning, with wake up temperatures in the low to mid 50s. It gets even warmer for Friday afternoon.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Warmer; isolated showers

Our Thursday morning commute included a few spotty/isolated showers, but overall, there were only minor precipitation totals throughout the immediate area.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Temps warming up, but freeze possible Sunday night

Welcome back sunshine! Skies cleared considerably Wednesday afternoon, allowing many WAFB neighborhoods to climb into the 60s. Yes, the warm-up has begun.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Near normal temps

Well, at least temperatures started out in the "normal range" (41 degrees) for an early morning in mid-January and near normal temperatures are expected later today but that’s off to a slow start.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Cold day, but warm-up on the way

Tuesday’s persistent clouds resulted in a big bust on the day’s temperature forecast. It wasn’t as cold as expected for the morning and it didn’t get as warm as predicted for the afternoon.


As we head into the afternoon hours, clouds remain in place, keeping temperatures from moderating much through the morning hours.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Cold night ahead; light freeze possible

Monday’s persistent cloud deck kept temperatures in the low to mid 40s for most of the WAFB area, with the occasional breeze making it feel even colder than that. Skies will begin to clear Monday evening, too late for any afternoon warm-up, but just in time to set us up for a really cold night.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Chilly, partly cloudy

We’re starting out with temperatures in the upper 30s/lower 40s, but it “feels like” the low/mid-30s and it will stay on the cool side throughout the day.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Frosty mornings ahead

The kids will want to bundle up for the morning bus stop, and the adults might need the ice scrapers for the car.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Clouds early then gradual clearing; trending cooler

We will be in and out of the clouds for the first part of our Sunday. Skies should be mainly sunny by mid afternoon. Early clouds will temper the warm up today as highs only reach the low to mid 50s.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Colder temps on the way for early next week

Temperatures will be on the way down as we start the new week.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Off and on showers for part of Saturday

Off and on rain showers will highlight the first part to our Saturday. A cold front will push into the area by mid-afternoon helping to dry out the entire local area.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain likely Saturday

After a cold start in the mid 30s, Friday turned out to be a nice day for the WAFB viewing area, with mainly sunny skies and highs reaching the 60s for most WAFB neighborhoods.


It was certainly nice to see blue skies and sunshine this morning. Too bad such pleasant weather isn’t forecast to last through the upcoming weekend.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Another cold start on the way

Skies will stay clear into the evening and through the night,setting us up for another cold morning start on Friday.


So, after an afternoon high in the mid-70s just two days ago, it was quite a noticeable return to winter Thursday morning.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Very cold night, morning on the way

It would be hard to complain about Wednesday’s weather with those clear skies and near normal temperatures in the 60s, but those same clear skies, the low humidity, and a light, northerly flow will set us up for a very cold night and morning start.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Chilly temps around the corner

It’s a beauty of a winter morning after early temperatures that started off in the upper 40s/lower 50s.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Dry cold front to sweep through Tuesday evening

After morning fog and a cloudy start Tuesday, the clouds thinned during the afternoon and allowed a little extra sunshine to warm many WAFB neighborhoods into the mid to upper 70s. But Tuesday will be the end of the 70s for the foreseeable forecast future.