We're Going to Overtime!

Thats right, on January 3rd, the 9Sports team launched a new show, Sportsline OT. The concept is similar to our football show, Sportsline Friday Nite, only, of course, there's more than just football.

Lets face it - while football is boss here in the south, that doesnt mean that there aren't other athletes, in other sports, deserving of a little credit, attention and face time. Trust me on this one. In Connecticut, where I grew up, I was very involved in high school sports. Diving in the fall, gymnastics in the winter, softball in the spring. Never once did I see a TV camera at any event.

That said - we're excited to show some love to all the other sports out there, where touchdowns don't exist, dunks, goals, and soon homeruns are the next big thing, and sometimes, there are no balls involved at all (like wrestling!).

Parents, it's a great reason to make curfew 10:30, and kids - a great reason not to complain when they do.

The show airs Saturday nights at 10:35pm, on WAFB. It reairs on Sunday at noon on Cable Channel 9, and 6 pm Mondays on WBXH.