While serving in the Louisana National Army Guard, the 769th Engineer Battalion, that John Allen Williams was court marshalled twice in three months. Retired Lieutenent Tim Toler was a former executive officer at the time. He says after an incident in August of 1982 when Williams refused a direct order to supervise a detail for clean up, he was involved in a second more serious offense just a few months later.

Toler says Williams hit a non-commissioned officer. Toler says charges were filed and he had to hear the case and issue the punishment.

"I remember him telling me he was having problems with his marriage and he was about to have a child. And I said that's no excuse for striking one of your own," said Toler.

According to Toler Willams eventually pled guilty. And even though he was not unruly during the hearing, he says it was obvious he had problems.

Toler says, "It came out very clearly that he was not one to accept orders, he could give commands and orders but he disrespected authority."

A source close to the investigation tells 9 News that Williams served in the Louisiana Army National Guard from 1978-1985, and in the Oregon National Guard from 1994-1995. Williams enlisted in the active army in 1985 and was discharged in 1994. His military specialties include: metal worker, combat engineer and water transport specialist.

His awards and decorations include: National Defense Service Medal, which he received after serving in the Gulf War, and awards for marksmanship, as an m-16 expert and a hand grenade expert.