Viewpoint: February 21, 2009

The heart is the symbol of love, the center of our well being, and the organ of life. So, imagine what happens when you are told that something is wrong with your baby's heart. Instantly, the parents feel alone, scared, and helpless.

On Thursday, February 26th at 6:30pm, WAFB will air a special that will feature three local families and the challenges faced when they learned their children had a complex heart defect. In this special, you will learn more about local pediatric cardiologists who diagnose and treat the children in our area. These doctors will explain how advancements in medical technology are saving these babies' lives.

Taking a glimpse into the lives of these families, you will learn how facing these difficult circumstances forced them to look at life in a new way. Their faith grew, feelings of fear changed to confidence. Loneliness disappeared through their community of family and friends. And the expertise of local doctors gave them hope. We can learn a lot from the experiences of these three special families. It will touch your heart.

Join us for "Mending Hearts" next Thursday night at 6:30 on WAFB.