Pesto Cream Ravioli with Grilled Shrimp

Pesto Cream Sauce
serves 25


8 cups pistachios
3 vol.oz kosher salt
16 deseeded jalapenos (chopped)
1 cup chopped garlic
8 w.oz de-stemmed fresh basil
1 cup loose packed chopped parsley
4 cups Italian cheese blend 
1 cup lemon juice
9 cup water  
1 vol.oz coarse black pepper
5 cups olive oil blend
1 cup heavy cream


  • In a totally dry Robo Coup, grind the pistachios and kosher salt
  • Put in large bucket and add jalapenos, garlic, basil, parsley, Italian cheese, lemon juice, water, and black pepper.
  • Blend smooth with immersion blender, and slowly add the olive oil blend
  • Blend in heavy cream

Preparing the Entree
serves 2


salt and pepper to taste
2 T olive oil
8 oz. shrimp
2 roma tomato, chopped
2 T fresh basil
4 cloves chopped garlic
4 tsp fresh parsley
20 cooked ravioli
Italian cheeses to taste


  • heat skillet, then add salt, pepper and olive oil
  • heat that to a medium temp and add the shrimp
  • once shrimp are cooked halfway through, you add Roma tomatoes and fresh basil
  • cook that down until tomatoes are hot
  • add your fresh chopped garlic and fresh parsley
  • cook down and add the pesto cream sauce
  • cook that down ( it will start to thicken up )
  • add your cooked ravioli (you need to have your ravioli already boiled)
  • toss in skillet until the all ingredients mix evenly
  • put it on a plate and top with fresh basil and Italian cheeses