Viewpoint: February 11, 2009

Last week, Congress voted to delay the nationwide shutoff of analog television. The new date is now June 12th, almost four months later than the original date. The delay is to allow Congress time to find additional funds for the TV converter box coupon program and viewers using antennas more time to get ready.

Here at WAFB, we are rescheduling our switch to all-digital until the new June date. There are a number of reasons for our decision, all having to do with our providing our viewers with the best service possible. Current guidelines prohibit us from switching to our new, more robust digital signal until June. Until we can provide an improved quality digital signal to our entire viewing area, we will continue to broadcast in both analog and digital.

For the past two years, WAFB and stations around the country have made the Big Switch to DTV our top public service priority. We have provided information and answered your questions concerning the Big Switch and will continue to do so as changes are made to the conversion process. While there may be changes to the schedule, we assure you the conversion to digital TV will happen, and it will happen soon. For all the latest information on this topic, visit The Big Switch.