What are the criminal offenses that would disqualify someone from receiving a TWIC?

According to the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association, there are two types of disqualifying criminal offenses.


An applicant would be disqualified if convicted or found guilty by reason of insanity, in a civilian or military jurisdiction of any of the following felonies:

  1. Espionage or conspiracy to commit espionage
  2. Sedition (rebellion against the government) or conspiracy to commit sedition
  3. Treason or conspiracy to commit treason
  4. A crime listed in 18 U.S.C. Chapter 113B-Terrorism or state law that is comparable, or conspiracy to commit such a crime
  5. A crime involving a transportation security incident
  6. Improper transportation of hazardous material
  7. Unlawful possession, use, sale, distribution, manufacture, purchase, receipt, transfer, shipping, transporting, import, export, storage of, dealing in an explosive or explosive device
  8. Murder
  9. Conspiracy or attempt to commit the crimes in paragraphs (a) (5.) thru (8)
  10. Violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) if a predicate act involves murder or a crime listed in 18 U.S.C. 113B

An applicant is disqualified if convicted, or found not guilty by reason of insanity in a civilian or military jurisdiction within the 7 years preceding the date of application, or was released from incarceration for the crime within the 5 years preceding the date application, of the following crimes:

  1. Assault with intent to murder
  2. Kidnapping or hostage taking
  3. Rape or aggravated assault
  4. Unlawful possession, use, sale, manufacture, purchase, distribution, receipt, transfer, shipping, transporting, delivery, import, export of, or dealing in a firearm or other weapon
  5. Extortion
  6. Dishonesty, fraud, or misrepresentation, including identity fraud
  7. Bribery
  8. Smuggling
  9. Immigration Violations
  10. Violations of RICO
  11. Robbery
  12. Distribution of, possession with intent to distribute or importation of a controlled substance
  13. Arson
  14. Conspiracy or attempt to commit the interim crimes