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Viewpoint: January 21, 2009

In 1990, Sportsline Friday Nite made its debut featuring high school football teams from the Greater Baton Rouge area. One of the special stories of that first Sportsline season was of a speedy sophomore fullback named Warrick Dunn, who helped lead his Catholic High Bears to the state title game in the Superdome.

Fast forward 19 years and both Warrick Dunn and the Sportsline brand have grown tremendously. The Second Annual Warrick Dunn Award for the Sportsline Athlete of the Year was held this past Monday night. The award, which has already grown to be south Louisiana's version of the high school Heisman Trophy, recognized nine area finalists for their hard work both on and off the field.

For this award, the off-the-field accomplishments were a key ingredient to both Warrick and WAFB. In his recently published book, "Running for My Life," Warrick Dunn urges kids to get on the right path early in life, so that they learn about the importance of good decision making. He mentions that he is grateful that he is able to take the gifts that he has been given on the field and convert them into something that improves lives off of it.

So, when Warrick Dunn was running the football fields for Catholic High in the early 1990s, one wonders if he knew the impact he would have on not only this community, but other cities around the country. By the smiles on the faces of the young finalists at this event, it looks like Warrick Dunn has helped these young men in taking a positive step. This step is something that will not only help them in the game of football, but more importantly, will guide them in the game of life.
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