Selective Hearing

Selective Hearing
Erica Lee, Au.D, CCC-A, Doctor of Audiology
Erica Lee, Au.D, CCC-A, Doctor of Audiology

Selective Hearing

Where we dispense better hearing, not just hearing aids

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Better Hearing, Fuller Life

Anything that limits hearing, speech, or language limits a full life. More than 28 million Americans suffer from hearing loss, and studies show that left untreated those people may suffer depression, anxiety, paranoia, emotional turmoil and reduced social activity. With proper treatment, this negative impact can be eliminated or significantly minimized. Though hearing loss is largely irreversible, it need not be the disability it once was. There is help out there for those who seek it. Selecting the most suitable hearing aids can be the critical factor to enjoying life to the fullest. At Selective hearing, at certified clinical audiologist will help to assess and recommend the appropriate treatment for hearing loss.

Why should I choose Selective Hearing?

Dr. Erica Lee, Clinical Audiologist, is a resident of Louisiana who obtained her BA in 1991 at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and her MS at Florida State University in 1992. In 2004 she graduated from the University of Florida with her clinical doctorate in Audiology. Dr. Lee takes great pride in providing the best Audiologists and staff from the local community to provide professional, caring and outstanding clinical audiological services.

What Selective Hearing can offer you....

  • 2 Full-time Licensed Doctors of Audiology, with more than 15 years experience working with pediatrics to geriatrics.
  • A local, Louisiana-owned company, not a nationally based chain
  • FREE Hearing screenings with Hearing Aid Evaluations
  • Complete product line from Power BTE to CIC with up to 4 listening modes and automatic features
  • The option to listen to our Digital Hearing Aids during the hearing evaluation.
  • A 60-day trial period, and several financing options
  • Every Hearing Aid purchase comes with a battery tester, batteries, a dry-aid kit, and informational reading material.
  • Musicians's & Hunter's hearing protection with specialized compression circuitry
  • Education, Experience, and Training Make the Difference.