Baton Rouge Damage

While the majority of Baton Rouge managed to escape the fury of Lili, some areas were not so lucky. Entergy reports there are about 7,000 residents still without power.

"It is hard work but it's kind of fun." - Neighbors helping neighbors in desperate times that's a very good attitude to have considering the yard work Greg Cordaro has to do. Cordaro lives down the street, but he says his neighbor needed help moving a tree that had fallen blocking his driveway. Cordaro says it's one of the largest trees in the area.

Cordaro says, "I think we came out really fine. Only two trees in this area. I think we're real fortunate." On a street that is lined with huge, towering trees, residents who live there know that they're lucky this is the only damage they have to deal with.

Entergy says they are working to have all of the power back on in Baton Rouge by Saturday night.