more details now about the man from jasper, texas who has caught the attention of the serial killer task force. Nine news has learned that 39 year old edward semper has been in a jail in deridder, louisiana since friday night charged with violation of probation in illinois. [take: 2 box] {***2 box***}but as wafb crime team reporter shauna sanford tells us while police here are interested in him they are not calling him a suspect.

[cg :crime team reporter - standup\shauna sanford] {shauna} donna, edward semper is not a suspect in the baton rouge killings but abilene police say he is a potential supect in the murder of a 22 year old television reporter there. But we are told he is not a strong suspect in that case. [take: ess/servo] {***ess***}television reporter jennifer servo had only been working in abilene for a few months before she was murdered. {change ess} police say she was found in her apartment on september 18th, strangled and beaten in the head.

[take: take map] {***map***} take a look at this map. Edward semper, a potential suspect in that case, is from jasper, texas. He was arrested friday night, picked up at someone's home, about an hour away, across the louisiana-texas border in deridder, louisiana.

[cg :name - title\cpl. Mary ann godawa\ baton rouge police] [take sot incue: we've contacted them because outcue: this is a lead for us at: 3:51 to: 4:06 duration:0:15] {***sot***} we've contacted them because there are a few similarities but there are quite a few. Throughout this investigation we've contacted numerous agencies throughout the country that have cases similar to this . So this is another one and this is a lead for us.

[anchor:shauna] {***shauna***} [readrate:15] again police in abilene say edward semper is a potential suspect in the murder there but not a strong suspect. As for baton rouge, while we know police here are interested in talking to semper, we are told he is not a suspect in the three murders here. [take: take 2 box] {***2box***}{***donna***}[readrate:15] shauna, what similarities do we know about? [anchor:shauna] {***shauna***} [readrate:15] donna, like one of the victims here, police in abilene say jennifer servo was strangled to death and an autopsy report says she was sexually assaulted. Also her purse, which has a picture of marilyn monroe on it, was stolen as well as her cell phone. We have also learned that the abilene police department has taken dna samples from semper but cpl. Godawa would not tell us whether baton rouge has also taken his dna. As for semper we have learned that he works in construction which takes him in and out of jasper often.