September 20, 2002 - "Eye On The Community"

From a fire in Addis to a hold-up in Zachary -- here's the guy who knows it all. His ear is on the pulse of our community. Not much escapes his eye.

The police an fire scanners in Barry Harville's house are on duty 24 hours a day. Even when a call went out on a house fire Tuesday -- at 3:00 in the morning, "I was still up at that time. I heard it. I called y'all, Channel 9 to let y'all know. Then I seen it on the news that morning."

If Barry seems a little bit like a fire dog ready to jump at the sound of the bell, he comes by it naturally. Back in the '60s his dad was one of the first volunteer firemen in Brownsfield. But big fires isn't all that Barry keeps track of in his makeshift newsroom. He tracks the big storms like Hurricane Isidore.

He's got a computer with a storm tracking program, but no internet connection. His information super highway is eight lanes wide and doesn't have any toll booths. Barry has met only a few of this area's police and fire dispatchers in person, but he says he has gotten to recognize almost all of them by voice. He thinks of them as old friends.

Before I could get out the door, Barry was on the phone again with the WAFB assignments desk, asking, "Do you have anything on a stabbing? I just heard they had a stabbing."