Brazilian Feijoada from Texas de Brazil

Serves 8


2 lb of dry black beans
about ½ gallon of water
2 bay leaves
2 spoons of vegetable oil
1 lb of chorizo sausage
1 lb of beef sirloin cut in 1" cubes
½ lb of smoked bacon
½ onion small diced
½ oz of garlic
1 small spicy chilly
salt to taste


  • In a heavy bottom pan, over medium high heat, sauté the bacon with the oil and bring in the sausage and beef until nicely colored
  • Add the onion and garlic and cook for about 2 minutes
  • Add the water, the beans, bay leave and chilly
  • Simmer the beans for about 45 minutes or until the beans are soft and the sauce is thick
  • Taste the salt
  • Serve it with white rice and sauté green collards