Expert Says FBI Serial Killer Profile Has The Possibility Of Being Wrong

There were no big revelations from the serial killer task force today but an outside observer with experience looking at serial killers and serial rapists says don't bet the ranch on the profile.

"When it is wrong, it is wrong big-time as in the case of the Atlanta Olympic Bombing." LSU criminologist Bill Archambeault told the Baton Rouge Press Club, experience tells him one-fifth of FBI profiles turn out to be wrong. But he says, remember, profiles are works in progress with information you'll never hear and some police themselves won't know.

"What they're given is a skeleton of a profile. There's probably a great deal more detail that's available that cannot be confirmed and until it can be confirmed they don't want it released in their model," says Archambeault.

The serial killer task force says it appreciates the interest but opinions given without knowing the profile are just that - opinions.

Corporal Mary Ann Godawa with the Baton Rouge Police Department says, "People are entitled to their opinions and we respect that but they don't have the inside look the FBI has had because they are a part of the task force."

Police say the profile information - a white or hispanic male between 25 and 35,who blends in with the community, appears harmless and who wears a size 10 or 11 in the infamous Rawlings tennis shoe - should be used with other information, like personal items in each of the three murders that still have not been recovered.

Godawa says investigators are definitely closer than they were 4 to 6 weeks ago. She adds they are tracking down leads, but these things take time and can go on for quite a while.

Archambeault agrees and says the killer may not give in until he's ready. "We're talking sometimes about some sophisticated people and for some of them, it becomes a chess game. To some point in time when they actually want to be caught. That's when they trip up and leave the evidence."

Although he doesn't have anything to back it up, Archambeault says with Baton Rouge having 39 unsolved murders he believes there is more than one serial killer involved in the unsolved murders.

The task force says it is tracking down all the leads called in to them over the past few weeks surrounding the murders of Gina Wilson Green, Charlotte Murray Pace, and Pam Kinamore. And they say the key to their success is from people recalling information or being suspicious about someone. If you have any information that you think can help police in their investigation call the 24-hour tip line at 389-3310 or 1-866-389-3310 outside the Baton Rouge area.